The Sunday code to Cameroon anglophone’s marginalisation.

The Sunday code to Cameroon anglophone’s marginalisation.

The problems facing Cameroon constitution and power are more related to the system of governance affecting Cameroonians than the constitution itself. Mr President Biya’s laisse faire system and longevity in power has open doors for him to affirm his grip on power by infiltrating every public sector with his eyes. Has he ever step out to see for himself the state of his country? He rely upon his eyes that have infiltrated the system giving him wrong feedback that serve their pockets.

With the laisse faire system, Cameroonians who speak English find it difficult to manifest their powers as a normal functioning government would. With the liasse faire system and grip on power, Mr president has insured sectors of ultimate decisions are run by his chosen people or have power over their actual bosses. This is clearly seen across the world whereby one person rules for too long with no intention of a transition.

Given such facts and the nature and number of high ranking positions held by anglophones, why are people blind to see that just a change system of governance will give anglophones powers over those exercising power. It is a weakness of any laisse faire system

Ambazonia has explored this weakness instead to try an demonstrate a case for marginalisation. Of recent the very anglophones have published a list of directors ambazonia loyalists want to attack from just one village of the south west province. The list content more than 30 directors from just one anglophone village. Shocking truth that demonstrate a case of bad governance not marginalisation. Is it high time we revisit the statement of Atanga Nji?

In today’s Cameroon, who are francophones and who are anglophones? We have hundreds of languages and a sovereign nation but refused to used just one to identify ourselves. Instead the nostalgia propaganda of Ambazonia is fuelling Englishness. What is the difference between this madness and colonial education of anglophones and francophones identity when none of us is French or English? When will we realised French and English are dialects like ours?

Of recent an elite was badly criticised like Atanga Nji for questioning us; who are anglophones? I tell you the truth, it is a false and illusive terminology aimed at enslaving you and binding you to colonial glorification.

The truth of every propaganda is in it content not the title. If the ambazonia propaganda machine is right, the truth of the problems will be addressed in it constitution. Facts, some anglophones are demonstrating the Dr Endeley effect to attain their individual agenda nothing to do will real problems affecting the common man.

I tell you the truth, the only truth in ambazonia propaganda is the acceptance of the existence of the problem mentioned above. The rest is propaganda preying on the fear they have induced in you. Go back to the beginning of the crisis and reflect on the journey. There is no mentioned of how to fund it system apart of selling us again to westerners, no mentioned of how to ensue no other citizen will not feel inferior. No mentioned of how to create an equal society. I see no difference in the constitution to that drawn by France to hold Cameroonians to a ransom. Thousands preaching few spelling the truth and being insulted. What is the GDP of ambazonia? How will Ambazonia grow revenue without selling us to the western world? How are Amba leaders selecting their members? Will ambazonia be a nation or a charity. How will they turn English to our identity when we all have our individual identities? Should we destroy our dialects over English or glorify our dialects?

If ambazonia truly believe in democracy and rule of law and equality, then fight your course along democratic path ways. Why is not not enshrined in your constitution? Why preached democracy but demonstrate autocratic behaviours?

We are anglophones, we are different to francophones. Colonial nostalgia. So because of English people from Mankon are the same and equal to people of Kumba?

Is a shame despite all these technology and the world getting together, we don’t cherish our own society and address the false history preached by colonial masters or attempt to balance the issue of inferior superiority.

I am a Cameroonian from Bamenda not an anglophone. English is not my language but a tool for communication between me and me neighbour in a multilingual country where we don’t want neither dialect to dominate. Change start with the right positive step.

God blessed you.

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