The wisdom that eluded the anglophones.

Only a peaceful national uprising will get this government down.

Mistake number one, turning youth demonstration the gateway to a nationwide uprising to a political agenda diverting attention to mars.

Point number 2, criticising a perceived sheep and ending up being another sheep,

point number three forcing an identity when you should be destroying it and creating relationship based on the pragmatic facts,

point 4, advocating for war but hoping for mercy from God,

point number 5, covertly driving people to your personal pathway and promising gold and silver,

point number 6, the fact the opportunity came from an English speaking zone should not have been just an anglophone problem but a Cameroon problem and let impartiality govern the pathway to any outcome etc. Now we are paying the price and mercy is against us. Who is responsible? Who is accountable? The facts are clear, the government is bad but ambazonia is as bad as the government. Null score. Did ambazonia not kill innocent citizens? Did ambazonia not mismanaged funds, did ambazonia not appoint it own leaders and force the people their agenda. Where is the line of division. Or we will support our actions because it sort our agenda and denounce the government’s because it is against our agenda? Are both not crimes against humanity?

If we were really wise as our preaching from the consortium to SCACUF to what so ever, how comes none of the leaders understood the complex nature of Syria? Syria and Cameroon share the same geopolitical nature of world political mixe. How can you preach unity using propaganda, prejudice and stereotyping innocent citizens because they speak French? Yes there are political problems but are the problems associated with the government in power or ordinary citizens?

How can we opt for force against our own nation by denouncing it first, then drafting our own history to sort our agenda when we should be spelling our history twisted by colonial masters to sort their interest and refusing to address the basic facts that are alive?

God gave us the opportunity all that was left was for the doors to open to mobilise the nation behind a common goal. The bridge was and is still the economy and unemployment. However, faced with the upcoming tournament this government is determined to put the tournament in their name.

Put down arms; galvanise the language open doors for all to revolt against the common agenda. The man in uniform is a Cameroonian and you are a Cameroonian.

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