The birth of the new Cameroon campagne

The birth of a unilateral peaceful resistance against the roots of the problems facing Cameroon.

My country men and women I salute you all. We are in a crisis and God has given us opportunities to address our problems.

Cameroon has problems and Cameroonians are suffering not anglophones not francophones. Before the anglophones revolt, the opportunity has been open in other parts of Cameroon but failed to materialise. The anglophone revolt was just another opportunity for use to address our problems and it did materialise but we felt victim to our own greed.

We must revolutionised our government and power but to fully stand up to 21 century needs, we must embark on a cultural revolution.

He or she who is not acknowledging that we have failed is still deluded. Ambazonia has failed and today is in the same category as the government in crimes against humanity, management of resources etc.

I am not an advocate for the government or ambazonia nor am I against either. I am for the best for Cameroonians and faced with the reality, we must acknowledge reality. Ambazonia adventure must be abandoned for the real revolution to manifest.

Let us all abandon radical movements for a united unilateral peaceful resistance against this government. Our problems is nothing but the people and the system of governance hence let us all build our fences against the government at the same time appreciating what they have done for three decades.

We want our president to give us a time scale for it departure in peace. This can only be achieved through peaceful resistance.

Today marks a called for all Cameroonians to stand up together and return to the original revolt.

Join share your views with your comment on this pathway. We are Cameroonians and Cameroon need us

God blessed Cameroon.DAE3F852-040E-4357-A37F-81B823F50EF4

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