The Cameroon Speech Cameroon need you.

IMG_1301My country men and women I salute you all. We are above politics. Politics is not just knowledge but wisdom and moral judgement. The current system of governance in Cameroon is hampering growth, social mobility and productivity hence unemployment and instability. No system can address the problems but a combination of systems giving local people more powers and financial flexibility in decisions that affect them.

The current system of education in Cameroon has not delivered social mobility. Our orientation is too narrow and is time we re-examine our approach to education to reflect the needs and demands of the modern society. You are central not the government but on a broader system to support and sustain, we must accept we need to revolutionised the government and power.

The anglophone revolt was just another opportunity for Cameroonians to address Cameroon not English speakers. The impact of that mistake has proven to be another failed opportunity due to personal interest over national interest. Ambazonia came as a pure organisation but just 2yrs in the making, is there any difference between ambazonia and the government?

From this short experience, we can come to one simple conclusion, if we all agree the country is in crisis, we will all accept it will take a nation revolt against the government to attend our outcome. We don’t need to destroy to attend that out hence only a peaceful revolt will deliver our intended outcome. What is the way forward.

Socialism should be the cornerstone for growth in Cameroon for the future in combination of other minor systems. It is not about federalism or centralisation but about the human being behind the system.

Look at the amount of candidates standing for presidential elections all singing a better alternative. The fact none is willing to compromise and form an alliance to attend one elephant to face the lion speaks for itself. None is assertive to lead Cameroon or we are still to see a born leader.

Ambazonia was a personal agenda not a national agenda doom to failed. It is high time we wave the white flag over a peaceful revolt. The man in uniform is a Cameroonian. Today the personal agenda has destroyed the very justice and it leader are no different to those leading the nation.

To achieve that, impartial politics should be the cornerstone for nation success. The current economic and political status in Cameroon is as a result of a combination of entities at government, local ,private and personal failures. The absence of accountability and a mechanism to enforced accountability. The government is us, we have failed the Cameroon we are insulting taking personal interest over national interest. A fairer society is needed and we will champion it through a cultural revolution.

Come together, segregation is bad but unity and acceptance is the way forward. The interest of the nation must be paramount for the future.

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