The Crash Landing of Air Ambazonia. Cognitive bias vs popularity vs patriotic VS opportunist

It is insane to assume that without singing amba, you are anti amba. I am not anti amba nor am I anti Cameroon. I am anti conformity, prejudice, inequality, human right violation, corruption bad governance and stereotyping etc.

Was the revolt that started in Bamenda the first attempted revolt against the government? NO. Who turn and on whose behalf did the revolt came to be an only anglophones revolt? Was the failed revolt in Douala a francophones revolt? Personal agenda by selfish opportunist group.

I am a fighter for better life.

Better life is self defined but I measure it in terms of quality of life and opportunities for the society to grow and flourish. We am not and advocates of lazy behaviour but accept some are born disable and need us to help them attend their individual dreams.

Ambazonia nor the government are no synonym to better life nor has any taken necessary steps to demonstrate how they can attend this standards. We can’t attend such a society through conformity but through rational thinking embracing differences and diversity. I don’t know how cognitive bias presented by most Ambazonia fanatics will deliver it.

English speaking Cameroonians who claim to be Ambazonia advocates by singing Ambazonia are the very people destroying the struggle. When you question amba ideology, you are labelled and targeted for being against the struggle.

Who among you can demonstrate he/she is more anglophone than his/her neighbour? I have listened to advocates of amba like Tapang Ivo and Baraman, right up to Sisiku, they are brave men but I want to ask you who think by singing amba means you are more anglophone, why are they not field marshal? Why are their families not in bushes championing their course? Why are their children in school but they are telling me not to send my children to school.

Are you saying their life is superior and mind is inferior worth sacrificing?

We are here because someone thought by pushing violence and refugees strategy, we will received recognition and support. All is backfiring on us and our only gain is recognition of a Cameroon problem. Are we blind to see that we are left with pockets of violence on the ground but war of words on social media? The international community has come but none is sympathetic but empathetic and they are going to leave the situation for us to sort it out how we got there in the first place. Instead of us rebranding, we are busy insulting and scapegoating those who are trying to move us forward through a rational approach.

I tell you, it will take just one serious full military attack to destroy our toy army you call amba soldiers. However, it will take just one event in Yaoundé to destroy all this crisis without a bullet. We beg the international community to come in and what are they delivering for you? They went to Congo and left. Did it make any difference? Go on Twitter, all our rhetoric is shifting from refugees to genocide starting million thousands of writers to a handful in less than a year. I tell you, if you are naive of world geopolitics, you will write until you run out of ink. Some have already and Cameroon still remains Cameroon.

According to statistics, Just Mr Biya’s departure will satisfy 95% of fighters to abandon the struggle. That is to tell everyone that only through a rational approach can we achieve something from this.

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