The Reasons I Fully Disagree With Ambazonia Ideology

Cameroon School of Life. WhatsApp: Express 237 @ 0044798550143 ( violence in pursue of justice is not a virtue)

IMG_2592The reason I don’t support ambazonia. That does not mean support for the current government.

When people believe they are angry when they are not angry, a conformity stage is set. That will lead to stereotypical views to prejudice, discrimination, violence and if care is not taken mass massacre of innocent brainwashed people to achieve zero but decades of turmoil.

Ambazonia has gone round the world trumpeting how bad is Cameroon and how good they can be in changing their own world. Your brothers and sisters abroad are telling us home how bad is our education. The very education that took must of them to Europe or gave them certificates to expand on.
Not a bad idea. Only that those who went on scholarship under Cameroon coffers are still to explain the meaning of independence to join to us back home. Those school abroad are also bad not so?


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