The parable of the spectators

When Cameroon is playing you will see different types of supporters and fans. Ex player and future, Humble supporters, ordinary passerby, fanatics and the lunatics hooligans. The hooligans has been waiting for that opportunity to attack the opposition fans but he does not even know how many players can play on a football pitch nor how many goal keepers can be active per match. When the fanatics shout goal they dance even when Cameroon has conceded a goal

The fanatics will be playing the balls but some are miles away watching on tv. Those at the stadium will even attack the players but none of them understand the outside rule.
The bypassers will ask if football will feed their families. The humble citizens will give you a balance view of the game and even question if eto is fit to lead the team. The players are under huge pressure for they love their country to win. The ex players will ask the young talent to analyse the match and demonstrate what can be change to attend better outcomes even if Cameroon is winning.

Ambazonia who is the player in your team who is able to score for the hooligans and the fanatics are jubilant over a match with thousand players no football match nor a goalkeeper. Demonstrate you know your rule or join the bunch of hooligans
making noise
Pas Claudius

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