The mystery of self determination explained to the educated, the innocent and the brainwashed

Self determination is written in the UN charter. It is a right with educational dimensions but no political dimensions.

It is a right for all to self build a destructive house. The house that can neither be constructed in practice but only in theory. We the ambazonia are fighting for self determination.


In whose brain are you defining self determination? Yours or Mr consortium leaders?

It is a right for us to explore but before you even think of implementing the right you must demonstrate it application to your neighbour’s future benefit. Our constitution is attempting to use self determination for it has already failed to use restoration. The very constitution is still unable to express the rational application of self determination to the neighbour living us at zero.

If we the English speaker of Cameroon want to refer to ourselves as Amba, i will be the number one flag bearer but I will never accept cognitive bias brains, nostalgia or eccentricity. I did not graduate from the one an only ambazonia higher institute for the blind and baffle minded elites academy nor that for Cameroon but the Cameroon higher institute for rational thinkers. The rational thinkers school teaches us to respect the human not power, to understand the human needs not our needs, to lead by example not one rule for me and another to the neighbour. We is ghost town and no school for the less privileged?

Tapang Ivo told us this47734449-1F32-4782-A34A-8647205E2FE2.jpeg

Who was our president, what was our currency what was our flag. Referendum over referendum to decide if we are truly Cameroonian when our great grand parents were born no where else but in Cameroon. When did the English colonisé us? When did the French colonisé us?

When you have a problem but unable to demonstrate that problem legally, morally spiritually how it affect just you and unable to provide a rational solution to your own problem, Then you might not have any problem along those lines or you are suffering from a general problem affecting you differently. I pas claudius I am an English speaker. I am not against self determination but when we seek pathways we should examine how those pathways will influence and affect our sustainability.

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