The Anglophone Appeal speech

DAE3F852-040E-4357-A37F-81B823F50EF4My friends, comrades and fellow Southern Cameroonians, I greet you all in the name of peace, democracy and freedom for all. I stand here before you not as a member of the government nor the separatist movement ambazonia nor anyone affiliated to any political party but à ordinary anglophone Cameroonian who feels the pain of loosing a love one and who understands the consequences on a young child and the society.

Your tireless and heroic sacrifices have made it possible for many today to be talking of Cameroon and it history.
I extend my sincere and warmest gratitude to the millions of Cameroonian and those in every corner of the globe who are actively campaign for change In Cameroon.

I have this message to all Cameroonians especially the anglophone. Education is not just for knowledge but a form of social control. This crisis was all about social, economic and political change in Cameroon. Today, it has become a separation movement. No pathway is bad but some are more dangerous than others. A change in Cameroon warrant Cameroonian not anglophones or francophones and it will be far better for the anglophones to embrace this pathway. The flagship of the ambazonia movement is protection of our society and our people while fighting for a better future for our children.

Prior to the crisis, people from the north west and south west were complaining of lack of industries and jobs. Today,we are burning the set industries, schools, means of transport. May I called to your attention, we should try and keep anger out of political movement or crisis. Some of these schools will never open their doors. These businesses are going forever. These transport agencies are closing forever. What are we indirectly doing? I can see people embarking on this pathway who are abroad but still on Cameroon government wages. I can see people preaching Amba but own mansions from looting the system.

The teacher’s problem affect a group of people far smaller than the lawyer problem which in reality affect Cameroonians. To date Cameroon is addressing the set problems but believe me the solution is another problem. Above all the biggest problem is unemployment and the state of our societies. Who is not affected?

May I called to your attention, it is not my decision for you to bear arms, stop school children from schooling and halt business. What ever the decisions you take the effects will be severe on us an our children. What ever decisions you choose we must understand Cameroon is for Cameroonians. Southern Cameroon is a piece of land but the inhabitants are not just anglophones but Cameroonians. This is a living fact and we must adjust and appreciate it.

We have stop children from going to school, destroyed the society that could provide them the little it could in the name of change but provided them with weapons. To some this is a dream come true to others an opportunity.

That child whose parents have been killed has been radicalised, prevented from education for social control but has the arms at his disposal. This arms will not end up just fighting your présumé created enemy LRP but You

Thèse children currently have no future i wonder how we will give them social control? These children will have a justifiable act tomorrow when those guns become a way of life. Nobody will be immune even those providing the arms will not find safe heaven except in the very francophone zones you are scapegoating

To those providing the weapons abroad, I wonder if you have any idea or a plan of how to get those weapons under control. You are happy abroad with your children but I must be honest with you,those children you are preventing from school and arming, will hold you for a ransom at gun point tomorrow. Only when will you realised, weapons have no expire date.

Your mansions are a magnet for arms raids. After all they are a justifiable reason.

Do not think those children whose parent have been stop from working to support and sustain their future will not revenge and the impact will be long lasting. I hope you will not complain tomorrow when Yaoundé and Douala will be safe heaven but Bamenda a no go zone because of arm bandits

The plantations are closed, the brewery trucks burnt, transport buses burnt, schools burnt etc all within the anglophone zone. That act alone will have a long lasting effect on the local population and the economy. The Biafrans are all migrating with their businesses, the bamilike are all moving away. Look at this child3ACF2866-351E-4A81-B2B4-76345A2C5259.jpega and think carefully. We are living in the digital age.

When you criticise a government you demonstrate why and justify with a better alternative. How are we delivering that? Preaching change is not synonymous to practicing the change and we should be absolutely clear at this junction in our history to ensure we don’t create a bigger problem from simple practical problems.

We are all in accordance for the need of change in Cameroon but We should choose between this type of change or the change I publicised from day one.

What we need in Cameroon is a revolution to revolutionised the very institution that should keep the country running effectively to the benefit of all.

We cannot attend that without accepting that we are the people that need to change not Cameroon.

The system we have in place is not affecting just anglophones and there will be no solution just for anglophones. It is a laisse faire system benefiting mostly those who are in it. These are not francophones, not anglophones but Cameroonians.

Why are people who are benefiting from the system refused the facts. I have this message for Cameroonians. I strongly believe the anglophones should use the ceasefire to rethink of how best to approach this problem and rebrand

It is time we all accept that finger pointing is pointing at us and we must accept that it is time for this system to go for it is not good for Cameroon. It is a duty for Cameroonians.

God Blessed Cameroon

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