The Signing of your Death Warrant Ambazonia loyalist

Democracy and freedom of speech goes hand to hand with accountability and responsibilities. Ambazonia leaders are fully aware hence none is willing to accept liability.

I would called on all to use their own brains.
You are fully responsible and a for your actions.

Ambazonia is not a nation and has destroyed itself as any organisation that could represent a people. The ground is boiling and soon the very people will gather the momentum to revolt against you. You are burning the people alive.

Your leaders do not carry this propaganda gesture around as their ID but Foreign recognised IDs or full Cameroon passports

Sign Your death warrant at your own risk.
Babbling Amba this and that is banter but to proof a point as you are ranting carry this fake ID across any police control around the world? Carry it with you from Bamenda to Yde then I will respect your determination to die to restore vanity or fight to destroy your children’s future

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