Ambazonia hit The streets of the whitehouse. An appeal for calm home to this distress call.


Fellow Cameroonians I am confused but of sound mental health. Watching people sponsoring terrorism in Cameroon bearing flags and crying genocide in foreign lands makes me wonder what is the meaning of being black and an anglophone from Cameroon.

We have done this over 2yrs and no body cares. Let us be Honest and stop fooling around. Black Americans are killed daily in America, yet no body really cares what of you a pest in the USA?

We are more like refusing to accept we have lost on all front. I called on ordinary anglophones at home to pay attention to pragmatism. Sisiku spent millions campaigning in the USA but when the time for independence declaration came, not even those who were mingling with him turn up to voice their support.Not even an ordinary American turn up to support yet it seems we are still not learning. This is a total humiliation of black people. From slavery to partition to colonial rule, we see it as the evil of the west and blamed our forefathers for lack of education.what century are we to be hosting a flag and calling for the very west to testify?

I pas Claudius recalled your attention. Until you realised why the world pays no attention to your self induced problem, you will play the drum and dance to exhaustion. After all you won’t be the first or the last. Catalans, kurds, biafrans etc were drilled knowledge not by virtue but by reality.

You are not Cameroonians and are not fighting for any Cameroonian’s interest except yours. Respect ceasefire and rebrand. You have messup and opportunity to address Cameroon and the people are just in fear of repercussions at the moment. Their opportunity is coming to hold the bull by it horns.

2minutes entertainment is not enough, for your advice you should be respecting your own laws not above your own laws. Among you I can see people of Biya’s age, none respecting ghost town or no school. What is going on? Cameroon born USA citizens and asylum seekers seeking their personal interest. This last attempt to gain a reaction from President Trump must be entertaining for his staff and baffling to see adults behaving like babies who are still to understand international relations. For your information, the USA knows about your farms in Cameroon more than you do you are really entertaining.

Anglophone home putting his faith in this dance must be using Amba brain not his own brain. To that I will provide you with the simple test to Ambazonia determination and test to citizenship.
Anglophones in the USA and abroad
Called a demonstration at the Cameroon embassy but this time do the right thing.return all Cameroon ID and passports and show it on social media as you as fooling around now. Secondly, return to the whitehouse and return your green cards telling Trump we want our independent nation to leave your country with our children. How simple is that.

To those home, turn to the next police station and hand in your Cameroon ID in masses just like you did by carrying leaves on streets in masses. You will outnumber the military and bullets. Let the world see the Wirba force that wants fight to the last and the Tapang’s brain that is determined to show the world of the 21st century how to attend the marginal line called independence?. Stop fooling around and synchronise the right move.

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