A word of thanks to Ambazonia leadership for their brave decisive move on School resumption.

My brothers and sisters tonight, I called on each an every Cameroonian where ever you are to stand up and praise the lord.

As we pray we should ask him to forgive us and our brothers who through Cameroon occurrences decided to indulge in actions that resulted in our children not being able to exercise their rights to education. Our children do not deserve weapons to raise their fist tomorrow but rational knowledge to lift their heads higher than ours. In the dark ages line were drawn to enslave mankind but in the 21st century we crush those line to free mankind. The world is no longer flat and we should coexist in peace accepting our differences and cherishing the wonders of nature.

May we ask God in our prayer to grant Amba leadership especially Mr Chris Anu, and all leaders in the diaspora who have together come to this decision to grant them more wisdom so that they can take more rational brave moves and declare a total ceasefire. It is time we start to use wisdom and make rational decisions.

A special thank you to all Cameroonians who have and are still fighting hard against Ambazonia to ensue peace and stability. This outcome signals a change of tone and an appreciation of your hard work. May God grant you more courage to confront and force change in Ambazonia loyalists

Our children have rights and education is a right we should adhere to. They are the flag bearer of tomorrow we should not distort reality and distort their future but give them the best knowledge we have so that they can take rational steps tomorrow and make this country a better country. Although, I greatly appreciate this move, I most emphasis the need to called off the ghost town which inversely affect children education and a unilateral ceasefire that is crumbling the anglophone zone. We need to be opening doors to industries and trade from the anglophone zones not destroying for what ever reason.

We are human we are Cameroonians, we should value life. We should unit on a common goal and seek the realise of all involved in this struggle. May the state pardon all in good faith.

May I used this opportunity to called on all not to see this brave move as a sign of weakness but as a sign of bravery.

May God unite us again towards a common goal. That is serving the needs of mankind in a heterogeneous society.

May God blessed Us, May God Blessed Cameroon

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