why are English Speaking Cameroonians demonstrating Tapang’sBrain effect and letting ourselves down.


We anglophones are going backward day by day. If this continues, by 2020 all anglophone youths will be picking papers on the streets of Yaoundé.

Restoration of independence that does not exist and had never existed. Fighting for freedom when actually nobody is holding you to a ransom.
Picking up weapons to fight an enemy who is ourselves. Trying to make SW and NW a monopoly but refusing to accept Cameroon as a monopoly. Calling the UN toothless bulldogs yet begging for sympathy from them. Preaching ghost town to hurt the government but the people suffering are ourselves.

Let us make the land ungovernable but who is facing the effects?
If Mr Tapang can feel the heat waves coming what of you an ordinary brainwashed citizen trying to preach and defend his paralysing rhetoric?

Wirba said you must resist the government forgetting he himself is part of the government. Look at the flag on his collar?

Gofund has milk innocent citizens millions just to be slapped by Chris Anu in the face with a softy resignation voice, we should go back to school. Sisiku host a flag and innocent people shouted independence. The moon should be independent because Amstrong hosted the USA flag.

What induced frustration fighters fighting for a revolution forgetting the only ever successful revolution was the industrial revolution. Even the Russian revolution was a failure according to modern standards

Anglophones Abroad trying to stage a revolution for those at home just to set them on fire.

First advise,

We have let ourselves down by voting the wrong people to represent our localities in the house of assembly, I believe all MPs in the English speaking regions are locals of those areas. What did they do when voted to represent the people??

Why blame the central government and leave the local government to go Scot free?

Those Mayors and MPs are indigenous people of the local areas they represent. If you have the people at heart you will die for them or resign if you are not being listened to for you were voted to serve the people of those areas, which you are child of.

Ambazonia is the best political analysis by paralysis. You must rebrand or be destroyed by the forces of nature.

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