Cameroon anglophones vision of truth

Good morning all.

I had a vision thé vision of truth applicable today and tomorrow.

Many have passports few ever see the plane

Anglophones have problems and have presented a list of demands and want the biggest authority of the land to come to them. Correct.

Without an answer we have move on to our own solution independence. Many will accept and follow.

My vision has this for you.

How many of you couples have ever provided solutions to your marital disagreements and how many went on to divorce because the chief of the land refused to talk? How many of you men have ever given your partners a chance to talk freely about your marital problems?

Why are we stock today and by who?

This is the case for us to address for life whether in ambazonia or Cameroon

Yes we have problems and we are marginalised hence a solution is needed but

Who in Cameroon does not feel the same? Start by telling yourselves who in Cameroon is not marginalised and how?

This is where we mess up and I will use the same problems and present them according to my vision.

There are problems in Cameroon and this is how it is affecting us. Bring Cameroon together let us look into these problems.

How can ambazonia itself stand when we are irrational? Your problem can only be seen as a priority when examine along the problems of others. You might end up helping others forgetting you had a problem at the end.


The vision of truth.

Watch the upcoming elections to see how many anglophones will vote cpdm. You will be shocked

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