The Pas Claudius mystery and the Libya Lesson

The mystery of Pas Claudius.

To all my critics, I am not against Ambazonia or any person. I am against the ideology it represent. I am not against cpdm or any person, I am not in favour of it productivity. Many anglophones call me a bamilike pig. Thanks God you are still insulting another anglophone 2yrs on.

Libya is my testimony and the current infighting within Amba leaders. It is a natural human psychological phenomenon. They have not set sight on power but are already showing their true motives.

The willingness to sacrifice your own people with no regards to the children left behind is a sign that was seen in Libya, Iraq etc and it is going on in ambazonia. It is a time bomb. Y are your leaders willing to sacrifice your own child but protect theirs?

Truly ordained leaders fighting for their people will never sacrifice the people and will never segregate between their own children and the ordinary man’s child. Your pain is my pain. That is the sign of an ordained leader leading an ordained fight for the interest of his people

If the world could rewind the clock, the USA will not step foot in Iraq and Libya. Today, they are looking for another Saddam and Gaddafi to stabilise the countries.

The very people who went round calling themselves leaders to fight Gaddafi are today bringing misery to millions of people.

Thanks to Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt etc many African countries will see the difference betweeen an atomic bomb and a tornado.

We are all suffering but to address our suffrage, we must not blame one entity over another. We must not scapegoat, we must acknowledge we are part of our problem. Finally, we must acknowledge that political undertaking will not address the common mans problems.

I am pas Claudius the anglophone bamilike pig.

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