The pragmatic political codes baffling Ambazonia. Sudden Stop Mystery explained

The pragmatic political codes baffling Ambazonia. Sudden Stop Mystery explained.

Anglophones who are presenting pictures

are speaking the truth but it is irrelevant in context of self determination, independence restoration and who we are. All what you are doing is trying to proof that we were under the English at some point and went on to a federal government with the rest of Cameroon. Hence that makes you a Cameroonian.

I am anglophone and call this misrepresentation hence false representation given to youths.

We should be addressing three points
Who are you?
Self determination
Restoration of independence and how this pictures interpret any of these.

You are not defending any of this but putting forward irrelevant material to defend ambazonia ideology.

Self determination. You are qouting self determination as stated in the UN charter. This is correct but You are not answering who is not entitle to it and how anglophones tribes who may opt out can explore it tomorrow without the need of arms. Please demonstrate your understanding of it and address it impact for the future.

Restoration of independence;
I want you to provide relevant information to proof you had independence that you are restoring. A ballot result is not proof. When you write your gcse you end with a certificate showing the decision of pass or failure alongside the transcript. The transcript alone does not proof the outcome.

Who you are:
Pa Molah the chief architect of ambazonia is thé living history. He has capacity and you should ask him to Put forward his birth certificate along side his parents taking us to the German era. How can you be the older than your history? That is the only proof deem valid in this case not the irrelevant material you are pasting innocent children with.

I want to proof to you that you are a Cameroonian with a power imbalance problem. A problem you can never address. There is marginalisation within anglophones, stereotype and prejudice. Have you address these first?

You never had Independence and the plebiscite was void. Above all you were a Cameroonian and you are a Cameroonian today.

Your leaders are based abroad often the U.K. made up of Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. This countries have an identity unique. You best know and have parties fighting for their sovereignty. All of them speak English just like you but none see themselves as English except England.

Twisting reality to reflect your ideology makes it fake

Nigeria in the dark ages miraculously addressed the problem you are facing and today we have like Biafra, ebo, yuroba, Hausa excuse my spelling each with a population bigger than English Cameroon. That is their identity all of them speak English but none refers to English like you.

Can you demonstrate the same for yourself? Stop radicalisation of youths.

All the pictures You have presented proof there was a federal system which are you not fighting to restore, proof a plebiscite did take place and we had an english administration. none addresses the core issue. Get real

Nostalgia 24/7. You want to rewind the clock to suite your ideology not good enough. A political time bomb. Forcing monopoly where it does not exist and forging alliance of different people as it they are a homogeneous society. What culture is Bamenda? Are you talking of Mankon culture, Bali or what? What tradition is SW? Einstein stop messing with fire.

You have gone as far as referring to people as LRP and crooks. Who is LRP? Name just one tribe in the English zone that is pure or innocent of what you are fighting against?

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