The bad people scapegoat Cameroon Sermon

The Sunday Sermon

Cameroon is not bad, Cameroon does not need any change. You are the bad person destroying Cameroon, you are the bad person who needs to change.

I proud myself with honesty, impartiality and virtue. I serve mankind hence the Lord God is my eyes and my brain. you are insulting me not because I am wrong but because you want change delivered to you according to your plate not the impartial plate.

What is important? Doing the right think or supporting anything because of anger, confusion and frustration?

Politics does not change societies but societies change politics. Only through dictatorship can politics force you to change but you will called it barbaric.

Combine a unanimous martial law with rigid principles and all of you will stand straight.

If you think I am wrong Mr bush faller recite your experience of trying to do business with your own brothers home. What happened? Even when you trying telling them what to do, they were happy to talk of their masters degrees in management. You were lucky to see 1/4 of your money

Who was to benefit the most out of that small business?

Come down yourself with the goods, you will be required to carry 10eyes with you all the time to be able to sale and see a return.

You go around ranting of how bad Cameroon is, who are the people that are bad?

The government is made up of the same people not gods. Tomorrow some of you carry the same attitude into public offices flashing degrees but are real empty vessels.

Cameroon politics is not different to any other country even the USA but practice the Cameroon way. The scammer called Mr bush faller is happy to raise billions in frustration with you to wage a war. Not a bad idea. Could he not raise the same money in 2016 to build cheap affordable schools and teach children who will be the leaders of tomorrow the need of accountability, responsibility and liability.

If Cameroon need change, look at yourself first and speak out.

Happy Sunday

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