Ambazonia Independence branch surrender

Friends, comrades and fellow Cameroonians, I greet you all in the name of peace, democracy and freedom for all. I speak to you not as good a prophet but as a humble servant of you, the people. Your tireless and heroic sacrifices have made it possible for many to be talking of change today. It has been three long years of confusion.
I extend my sincere condolence to all who have paid the price brought about by the confusion and warmest gratitude to the thousands of patriots and compatriots and those in every corner of the world who have campaigned tirelessly for a united peaceful Cameroon.
I extend special greetings to the French speakers who despite the odds opened their doors to all anglophones seeking refuge. Your mass marches and other forms of struggle have served as a constant source of strength to all political reforms and I want us to unite together and fight for the release of all political prisoners and to ensure we do that in a peaceful manner.

Today all Cameroonians recognise that segregation has no future in our country Cameroon. It has to be ended by our own decisive mass actions in order to build peace and security. The mass campaigns of defiance and other actions of our organizations and people can only culminate in the establishment of democracy.
We should not pretend and continue to give people false sense of reality. This was an important opportunity wrongly executed. We have spends billions to bring more misery on the very people we advocated to help in 2016. I do not have to go into details for the details are out there for the world to see. We have problems before but now we have misery. We have gone round and the world has refused to support our decision hence it is wrong.

The fabric of family life of thousands of English speaking Cameroonians has been shattered because of a segregation quest. Thousands are homeless, unemployed and the very fabric that could sustain families has been destroyed by the very people who should be protecting it. The economy of Cameroon lies in ruins and our people are embroiled in political strife. Our resort to the armed struggle in 2017 with the formation of rebel groups was a not purely a defensive action but an act of advocation for war.

In my opinion, the vast amount of resources geared towards violence,could have been use to bring a price competitive market for the poor hence I do not believe our rhetoric of 2016 that we were fighting for the poor was correct. The poor have been used to serve the need of the well off of our society.

I am confident that with the current change of minds and thousands seeking peace, we have finally reach a junction. The junction that was hijacked in 2016. Many have paid the price and many are still to pay with their life/lives. We need to change and it is not a matter for the international community to decide what is best for Cameroon, but it is a matter for Cameroonians to decide what is best for Cameroon.

This is the time we as Cameroonians should standup as a unit and fight for Cameroon. Victory will not be mine not yours but victory for Cameroon. To that, I declare a full an unconditional surrender. It is time all arm bearing groups should drop their arms and join on the democratic non violence principles needed to change any society in the 21st century God blessed us.img_4031-1
God blessed Cameroon

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