The anglophones justice / injustice seeking mystery explained


The anglophones’ justice / injustice seeking explained

The strength and momentum of the struggle is embedded in the belief of injustice against anglophones hence it is right and proper for someone coined LRP to come and serve justice to the anglophones. The truth is I don’t know any Cameroonian who is not expecting the same justice or who is the anglophone waiting for justice.
However, Justice comes with actions and actions come with recommendations to ensure it never happens again.
I stand by this principle as a liberal fairness seeking advocate for mankind.
In 2016, on the eve of the struggle hijack by the SCNC agenda that came to be known as Ambazonia, the voices of all liberal anglophones who did not support segregation and Amba ideology was quickly silent by Amba loyalist. They were strippedoff their rights as anglophones and referred to as traitors, agents of LRP etc. Their civil liberties were trampledupon, andd they were threatened with violence and death. I remember a picture of a lady in jean trousers and a white top in Bda stripped naked because she refused to obey Amba orders.

Many have been killed, tortured, harassed and many are still being kidnapped and killed today for standing up for their human rights and rights to freedom of speech. It is a right Amba rhetoric falsely preached to standby.

In the virtual space, they are harassed daily, reported daily and their accounts are hacked daily by Mark Bareta & co. It is normal for an Amba to insult Cameroon, Biya without any fear of repercussions but when an ordinary anglophone speak out against Amazonia actions and behaviours, he or she is immediately attacked. Not to mentioned saying anything wrong about Sisiku.

All this is because Ambazonia is out to silent the voices of ordinary anglophones and today anglophones are living in fear. We must acknowledge that in 2016, the then consortium made it clear, that they were out to protect the interest of anglophones. This was echoed by SCACUF and Sisiku. I wonder if they are protecting the interest of ordinary anglophones home or their interest abroad, diaspora or bush faller!

On the contrary, there is no Amba supporter who still believes that independence is feasible, yet they are the very people tormenting any body who speaks out on the behalf of the mass innocent civilians suffering daily.

I blame the very anglophones suffering above all for embracing an ideology without questioning. There is misery and the project has failed.

If Ambazonia supporters especially the leaders, the diaspora etc are still too proud to come out and denounce these deliberate barbaric actions inflicted on their own brothers and sisters in the name of a failed strategy and acknowledge that they were wrong in their decision-making process, then we have a major problem.
If anglophones are unable to serve their own brothers and sisters justice, then what are weapons doing in the English-speaking zone?
You are fighting for justice against who and who are you expecting to acknowledge injustice against you when you are too proud to acknowledge your own wrong doings?

I am an anglophone.

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