Ambazonia the apparatus societal desecration

Ambazonia the apparatus societal desecration We are a tribal nation and for thousands of years we have leave and survive successfully because of the nature of our tribal rule. In Cameroon, we have the rule of the state and the rule of our villages. In our villages, the rule of law is maintained through a… Continue reading Ambazonia the apparatus societal desecration

Thé mystery of ambazonia nation building

Thé mystery of ambazonia nation building. There is a cautious and a sub cautious metaphor among anglophones. I wonder if leaders a cautious or sub cautious of the propaganda destroying anglophones but what is amazing is the number of believers in the modern android world. What is beyond imagination is this. Every body has a… Continue reading Thé mystery of ambazonia nation building

Awareness Of Ambazonia Distress Call

Awareness of Ambazonia Distress Call I like Amba people but I want to tell you this, you can distort information and misinterpreted it with hops it will distort reality but the modern world is real and reality will dazzle your imagination. Are you fighting Biya or are you fighting Cameroon? I can see two people… Continue reading Awareness Of Ambazonia Distress Call

Le Cameroun est le Cameroun

Le Cameroun est le Cameroun

Mes commandants, patriotes, concitoyens camerounais, je suis ici aujourd’hui, non pas en tant que leader, mais en tant que membre de votre parti qui croit en notre capacité à répondre à nos besoins. La direction ne peut être présente que par une urne unilatérale. Nous sommes au dessus de la politique.

J’ai… Continue reading Le Cameroun est le Cameroun

Cameroon is Cameroon

Cameroon is Cameroon My commanders, patriots, fellow citizens of Cameroon I stand here today, not as a leader but as one of you who believe in our own ability to deliver for our needs. Leadership can only be attend through a unilateral ballot box. We are above politics. I Pas Claudius have the honour to… Continue reading Cameroon is Cameroon

honte sur honte ambazoniz

Ambazonia la honte tomuch. Respectez les Amba, malgré leurs efforts héroïques, il n’ya qu’une arme redoutée dans les rangs d’Amba. Cette arme est la connaissance nue. Tous les membres d’Amba peuvent définir l’autodétermination, mais personne de plus de 3 ans n’est en mesure de démontrer son applicabilité à son propre progrès. Odeshi peut-il aider? Eric,… Continue reading honte sur honte ambazoniz

Disgrace upon disgrace Ambazonia

Ambazonia the disgrace tomuch. Respect Amba people, despite their heroic effort, there is only one weapon so feared revered in Amba ranks. That weapon is bare knowledge. All Amba people can define self determination but none over 3yrs is able to demonstrate it applicability for their own progress. Can odeshi help? Eric, Tapang, Chris, cho… Continue reading Disgrace upon disgrace Ambazonia

The Demons of Ambazonia called Odeshi

I like ambazonia people. You are so proud of your odeshi, yet you are looking for money to buy machine guns. Do you think, the people who built the machine guns were gods. It is odeshi and PhD my brothers. You have it, PhD and odeshi. Build a machine gun with it let me see.… Continue reading The Demons of Ambazonia called Odeshi

Dialoguez avec un supporter d’Ambazonia! Le monde comprend mieux

Dialoguez avec un supporter d’Ambazonia! Le monde comprend mieux Parler de solutions aux partisans d’Ambazonia, c’est comme un mauvais nageur qui saute dans une piscine pour protéger un bon nageur de la noyade. An Amba a l’impression que tout ce qui est dit contre eux est mauvais et qu’ils ne peuvent écouter que leurs dirigeants… Continue reading Dialoguez avec un supporter d’Ambazonia! Le monde comprend mieux

Dialogue with an Ambazonia Supporter! The world understands better

Dialogue with an Ambazonia Supporter! The world understands better Talking of solutions to Ambazonia supporters is like a bad swimmer jumping in a pool to safe a good swimmer from drowning. An Amba’s perception is that, anything said against them is bad, and they can only listen to their godly leaders or the white man… Continue reading Dialogue with an Ambazonia Supporter! The world understands better