Disgrace upon disgrace Ambazonia

Ambazonia the disgrace tomuch.img_0014

Respect Amba people, despite their heroic effort, there is only one weapon so feared revered in Amba ranks. That weapon is bare knowledge. All Amba people can define self determination but none over 3yrs is able to demonstrate it applicability for their own progress.

Can odeshi help?

Eric, Tapang, Chris, cho Ayaba etc can you use bush fallers status to crack that code? 1+1=11 for your disciples

Yesterday it was the White House protest, today it is the U.K. government reminding you of your identity.

What a shame. Why won’t the white man see us as idiots,monkeys? Do you think Europe is problem free? Do you see them in the streets of Africa begging for help? Only when the want you to sacrifice your strength on the battle fields.

What is next? The Germans will remind you that Amba was defeated and Kamerun is Cameroon

Amba man your stupidity is demonstrated in your actions. img_3448

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