Awareness Of Ambazonia Distress Call


Awareness of Ambazonia Distress Call

I like Amba people but I want to tell you this, you can distort information and misinterpreted it with hops it will distort reality but the modern world is real and reality will dazzle your imagination. Are you fighting Biya or are you fighting Cameroon? I can see two people confusing themselves.

After the failed White House distress call, you embarked on violence at home. It is failing and yesterday Chris took to the social media again while cho Ayaba tried South Africa. By fooling yourselves, you will scam yourselves. By scamming yourselves, you are disgracing the entire African continent especially black people. Sisiku disgrace us in front of white people begging for their signature. Today, you are going round preaching ambazonia nation when none of your can address one political or legal question regarding the set Amba nation. Where is this nation? On Facebook. You created refugee crisis in denial and today our villages are deserted because of you although you claimed is the government. Void. There was the set government for more than 3 decades without such issues. A reminder.

Ambazonia hit it peaks in 2017 and is on a free fall. I want to remind you that in less than 3yrs, you have invested more than 40billion cfa sacrificing villages into this struggle but you have not moved a step nor have you been able to convince just one sane impartial person.

In the 16 century your forefathers understood little about the true meaning of selling his brother into slavery. Within a century, the slave trade almost wipe out Africans like a plaque. If you doubt me think Toby or konte kinte

The world does not sympathise with people who do not empathise and sympathise with themselves first. When the world will come to your aid, their mission will be to force-feed you to have the energy to be more stupid. Only when ambazonia stupidity will override stupidity to grant you common sense will the world question your stupidity in the name of dialogue. The UN nation is not there for self induced wahala, point of correction. You are misrepresented yourself and given birth to a problem out of simple pragmatic concerns. Mr Biya’ s longevity in power most come with certain bureaucratic problems just like it was seen in the USA in the 1930s. These are pragmatic human problems nothing in relation to the propaganda of Ambazonia.

Accountability and responsibility should be paramount and you should ensure your family is safe. Ambazonia has failed and instead of accepting the odds, desperation is enforcing destitution in ordinary people. Sane People do not pickup weapons to fight themselves in the name of self defence but at the same time crying, begging for sympathy and insulting their nation. It is like a bandit shouting tir man and pointing at a passer-by to avoid being caught with stolen goods.
We have seen it all, we are aware of this psychological human tactics. Brace yourselves for more distress calls and violence.
Remember, reality will prevail. We are Cameroonians and there will be no Independence to a part of Cameroon. @

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