Too wise ambazonia but not smart

We are well educated and happy to demonstrate our knowledge but can Ambazonia out smart raw knowledge?

Ambazonia has gone as far as the U.K. to demonstrate their legitimacy dated from 1961.

This is the bases for the independence restoration,independence claims etc.

This claims failed to materialised.

Ambazonia declared herself another independence 2017.

According to this, Ambazonia history dates back to 1960s.

Declaring independence 2017 means Ambazonia has agreed she was never a nation and restoration of independence was mare propaganda.

An independent nation with

1 virtual currency and using CFA in reality and Cameroon passports

2 using but Cameroon calling code + 237

3 leaders and parliament holds and run a virtual country in the USA

4 Ambazonia was colonised by the English.

Today, Ambazonia history pre date German colonisation

Cameroon history has become Ambazonia history. Ambazonia herself stated clearly that restoration of independence dates back to 1961.

Twisting history to reflect your ideology makes it fake.

What was ambazonia flag under the Germans?

What was the map of Ambazonia in 1918 and 1884?

Who are we fooling?

Ambazonia claimed Cameroon déclarés war on her. Over book and grammar di worry wanna

I am Pas Claudius

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