Cho Ayaba Locus the real Ambazonia leader?

Cho Ayaba thé self Appointed Amba leader is being seen by some as a heroic person. To others the person to champion their course whereas to other an opportunistic preacher, vilain and fugitive. Whatever you may think, there are no bad leaders but mighty bad follower.

I Pas Claudius is still to see the leadership qualities of Cho Ayaba. Leadership is a substle work of act. It is not about preaching about a people but about guiding a people to understand their problems hence adapt according to reality. Cho Ayaba is a separatist fighter leader fighting to free his presumed people from slavery to freedom. His main objective is to aid the people fight for their rights and oppression.

In political terms fight for self determination by any means guided by the desires of a people.

True leadership understands the intrinsic value applied to rights and freedom and leadership is about responsibilities and accountabilities. Freedom rarely exist in practice and ambazonia loyalist are still fantasising of oppression, rights and freedom. Self induced anger distorting our imagination of reality.

Rights go with responsibilities. Responsibilities go with accountabilities. Accountabilities go with liabilities. Liabilities go with the extend to which you can exercise your rights. Hence there are limitations applied to the value, legally, politically and morally. These values are virtual but shape every political ideology world wide.

Preaching and demonstrating leadership that stands up to such values determine the difference between a preacher, fantasist and a leader of people in any capacity. Talking of leadership that demonstrate a positive outcome to a presumed problem is a challenge worth challenging.

Sisiku spent millions of Gofund money to attend nothing in his attempt to switch from a virtual world to the real world. Other preachers from Tapang Ivo to Bareta to Dr Akwanga fell through their own pits. Dr Sakho and Chris Anu are playing cards with themselves and enjoying.

These are not bad leaders but leaders who think leadership of a nation is like a primary school head master. Good Followers present rational problems to leaders and expect leaders to demonstrate their knowledge in interpreting and addressing. At the moment Cho Ayaba seems to be out of reality except can demonstrate the contrary fuel by bad follower.

Will ambazonia have a legally binding Constitution? How will it be Constitutionally binding when we currently undermine another constitution?

Ambazonia currently has less than 500 active fighters smaller than an average village. What will happen if south west or any village pickup arms against ambazonia seeking self determination?

We are fighting for our rights to freedom, who is not entitle to such rights and to what extend. This is currently ongoing in South Sudan?

When we preach fighting for a people, we should be able demonstrate what we mean by a people? Looking at South Sudan, if we have independence, how will you ensure a people do not become South Sudan?

At the moment Cho Ayaba is talking of force to attend independence. Will this force be limited to today’s notion of independence?

In my opinion Cho Ayaba is just an opportunist preacher preying on people’s fears?

A fantasist caught up between two world. The real world and the virtual world but fuel by adrenaline from bad supporters, he believes he is moving forward for real. Believe me, Cho Ayaba is not fit to stand and political debate.

Cho Ayaba would have been suitable for the government but unlike a minister in the government, Cho Ayaba does not understand the complex link between politics and reality and fantasy. I hope with time he will grow up to understand that. img_3168

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