The Only Amba solution now is not dialogie but acknolwegment of mistakes, reconciliation and reintergration

feel free to corect me with evidence if i am wrong. Go into the website according to dates and see for yourself the pragmatic truth or use your android impartially. We have picked up arms over an empty promise of freedom, milk and honey to destroy ourselves. Why?

img_3377-4If ambazonia was a nation and Kumba pickup arms to destabilised the country in the name of self-determination, won’t we fight of the separatist agenda?Thee answer is YES. Am sorry ambazonia has never been a nation, and we are Cameroonians hence Cameroon has ultimate right to defend her integrity.

Mistakes are the stains of mankind and we should not be ashamed to acknowledge mistakes and speak out. However, for a group of people who claimed to be leaders of a people to make mistakes repeatedly over a period of time, they pose a terrible danger to you. That danger is what is slowly eroding our English speaking community.

Many amba people are slowly seeking dialogue and some preaching federation. I tell you none is on the table now. I will give you a brief idea of the past for all to understand why. I am writing honestly and impartially. The problem of power imbalance, teachers and lawyers are almost fully addressed. The originally struggle was well supported by francophones until Ambazonia turned against them. Today, many are questioning why they are not interested. Reflect on the propaganda preached against them with all form of stereotype and prejudice. Why are you turning to them with accepting guilt?

I am Pas Claudius a bamenda gary boy born in Bamenda made in Cameroon. I don’t see myself inferior or second class to anybody. I grew up in Yaounde schooling in Bamenda. We are anglophone Cameroonians and should be able to stand-up acknowledge mistake and seek a rational way forward.

Truly, Cameroon has it own problems, and we anglophones are affected. I am one of the few anglophones who have documented this struggle from day one. I was a back Bencher up station when Pa Tassang & co presented their demands to the government and was one of the first anglophones to warn the anglophones of the danger ahead.

Today, we have pickup weapons to fight and seeking dialogue. I want to ask every English speaking Cameroonian to be honest to themselves. We have recently seen what happened in France and the response of the French government. Many are taking reference from that forgetting the journey of this crisis.

Any one pointing fingers at the government should listen carefully. The initially government responses was poor when the teachers/lawyers took to the street just like what happened in France but make no mistake, When the government realised her mistakes, she took initial steps;

The government send delegations upon delegations to Bamenda and each time Pa Tassang & co blasted them fuel by Hon Wirba with his SCNC project. The government send delegations to almost every palace in Bamenda to try and address the problem but the chiefs were threatened by ambasonia loyalist. Chiefs were invited to Yde only to face death threats. I wrote an article: didn’the anglophones almost have it all.

The government send delegations to the diaspora in Europe and some of the members were attacked. I can put forward Mark Bareta’s video in Belgium travelling from his house to meet the delegation with death treats.

I wrote an article at the time title Too Wise the Anglophones.

We refused all governments attempt to seat at the table and see a feasible solution. Anglophones wanted the head of state to come to them or no dialogue. Secondly, anglophones wanted the delegation to provide answers to their problems on the spot, two state federation or independence. It was like we were imposing on the government.
These are just few of a list of the conditions for dialogue presented by the anglophones.
I must emphasis to my brothers and sisters anglophones that dialogue is not a one-day affair. I wrote an article title; why the anglophones are notlistenedn to around the world

Fuel by the SCNC agenda, we decided to insult all attempts to dialogue telling the government how you will use power to attend the SCNC agenda of independence.

The anglophone crisis escalated to an independence struggle and ambazonia was born. Dr Akwanga threatened the head of state opening declaring war on him with is statement, Biya we are coming for you.

Atanga Nji came and spoke the truth finally after all attempts to appeal us have failed. we insulted him. I do not accept the approach or manner Atanga Nji spoke but given the circumstances, what would you have done different? If you think Atanga Nji was wrong, spell the anglophone problem that warrant just an anglophone on the table of dialogue?68146427-f5ae-494e-8970-664c31035788-5

SCACUF and Gofund was used to raised money to sue the government in court through Foyer solicitors. It failed. Money was given to Sisiku to try and convince the international community to support your quest for independence. It failed. Ambazonia wrote thousands of letter to every government and international body in the world, it failed. Ambazonia believed forming itownsn government, drafting a constitution andnominatingg a leader will convince the world they are really serious. I wrote an article title. the reasons why we are notlistenedn to around the world.

Every nation including law firms advised ambazonia to go back and dialogue with the government but the embarrassment, shame and pride was our problem

Facing defeat, sisiku decided to go ahead and declared independence knowingly that it was provocation for war.

Every thing is falling apart and the government is slowly demonstrating what government constitutions are there for and people have started coming to their senses.

The government has been very kind but I warned you with the article, ghost or a besieged. To date, the government has not launch any major attack on ambazonia but simple besieging us. The government has supreme powers today supported by the entire world.

Ambazonia has no option but to acknowledge her own mistake and seek reconciliation and reintegration pathways. The goverment has already offered this on the table and again we have insulted.

I want to ask those talking of dialogue, if ambazonia understand what is dialogue?

I have been insulted: traitor, blackleg, bamimiliki, LRP spy etc.
The honest fact is this: I have no affiliation to the government nor does anybody in the government knows me. A handful of anglophones actually know who is pas claudius but the reality is, Pas Cluadius is an ideology. When this ideology was born in Bamenda up station infront of Pa Tassang, they laugh.
This was my first wordings. My brothers we are cameroonians not English. Only one Tita believed me. From then on ward, I have spoken/written to all amba leaders starting with Tapang Ivo & co to SCACUF to sisiku & co. At no point any of them saw any wrong doing on Amba agenda.
Instead, many anglophones think this is an opportunity to seek firm. I wonder if they are serving the living God. Odeshi is not right before God and sacrificing any human is wrong before God hence the God my ideology is serving will prevail

Look today to see the number of anglophones who if given the opportunity will pickup arms against ambazonia? It won’t be long that Ambazonia will face a full rebellion from anglophones not the government.

“EINSTEIN! Stop fooling around and pay attention….”

We are trying to destabilised the country with propaganda knowingly that Francophones control even the economy, we are around 6 million to around 20 million francophones.

On the table of dialogue, propaganda is like toilet tissue hence what will be the agenda?

Long live Cameroonimg_3120-3

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