The Anglophone problem in Cameroon.

My commanders, patriots and fellow Cameroonians. It is 3yrs since this crisis began and if there is any Cameroonian who thinks there is anything like an anglophone problem, then we have a problem bigger than what Ambazonia is doing.

Why is the world not paying any attention to the anglophone around the world? They are looking for an anglophone solution to a Cameroon problem instead of a Cameroon solution to a Cameroonian problem. The problem is with Cameroonian not Cameroon and anglophones or francophone is not an identity in Cameroon but tribes with unique names. It takes a disaster to change a human brain and this crisis will address this mythology of anglophone in us.

I will refer to my speech of authenticity of March 2027 to the English speakers of Cameroon. I want it to be applied to any other Cameroonian.

If there is any Cameroonians who was born in any place called Anglophone and believed he or she has any problem with Cameroon, then that person has an anglophone problem.

Former southern Cameroon is not synonymous to an anglophone. Anglophone refers to a language

I want to recall the attention of each an every Cameroonian, why did Biafrans use the word Biafra to wage a war against Nigeria. When they themselves are anglophones and Nigerians is anglophones? What of Hong Kong. Are they anglophones or Chinese? What of the Zulu of South Africa?

Those this colonial term only applies to you or any person in the world who is not English but speaks English?!

Countries and people are trying to eradicate slavery trade, imperial rule, colonialism to ensure the western world réalise we are equal being but my brothers and sisters are busy cherishing it in the name of Ambazonia! I am Bamenda made in Cameroon. Pas Claudius the ideology that is uniquely African. I accept that my parents and grand passed through this era but we are modern human and we must stand up to the wrongs of the past to address the future.

What ambazonia is doing is defining the true meaning of slavery an imposing it on you. Did you not see them running to England to seek their own history! That is the brain Tapang & cohort wants to present to the world. Peasants, educated illiterates etc

If in the 21st century and you don’t know your own history, who you are then you are fit to be called an Amba.

In Europe today, DNA is being used to spell your ethnicity what are we doing glorifying and serving your master, the white man.

Marginalisation is a world wide phenomenon mask by the economic standards of each and every country. In Cameroon, there are English speaking tribes that are more powerful than the others. The problems in Cameroon affects each and every tribe differently. There are Anglophone tribes that are even better than some francophone tribes.

Ambazonia is nothing but an SCNC agenda that can never address the problems. Their problem is power.

Ambazonia will never happened and ambazonia must be destroyed.

Cameroon is Cameroon and since nobody can physically demonstrate that they can trace their roots to no other place than the geographical location know as Cameroon, we are Cameroonian not francophone or anglophone. That is the way forward.

“EINSTEIN! Stop fooling around and pay attention….”

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