Biya The Leader of Cameroon and the melancholy anglophones (Ambazonia)

If there is dictatorship in Cameroon in any form, Ambazonia is a true example of it not the reverse as people are thinking. What you see is what is there, what you hear is what is blurred.

Black people like Ambazonia are the type of people who can betray Africa as a world.

I truly believe dictatorship to must African is in reference to longevity in power not dictatorship in definition. I raise my case. Leadership and democracy manifest differently across the globe and each an every country adhere to it according to the different societal norms and cultures. We have seen the resistance to western style leadership and democracy in the Muslim world. However, let me focus on Cameroon drawing from Libya. Ghadaffi was dictator not because he has not looked after his country but because of longevity in power. Biya is believed not to have looked after Cameroon and is still a dictator because of longevity in power. Across Africa is the same.

This was an opportunity for Mr Biya to exercise pure dictatorship on Ambazonia but it is Ambazonia exercising it on Anglophones and pointing at Biya. Point to just one aspect of Ambazonia that rely on any democratic principles? 68146427-f5ae-494e-8970-664c31035788-5

There is no country in the world whereby dictatorship does not exist in some form and to a certain degree. Without dictatorship, no leader can lead a country.

It should be noted that Cameroon being a centralized system has a federal system at it based and Mr Biya has limited control over it. What happens in your villages is controlled by the villagers.

President Trump sacks and nominate daily, Ambazonia see it as democracy but the same phenomenon happens in Cameroon, you call it dictatorship. I am baffled to see Trump holds congress down because of his Mexican wall. Human rights and rights for humans to move around the world, one man holding the free world to adhere to his demand yet it is seen in Africa as democracy. If you try that in Africa, it is dictatorship. There are many Americans in prison for espionage. Sisiku and cohort in prison is seen as dictatorship by Biya.

America is fighting ISIS because they pose a treat to America and to an Amba that is right. However, an Amba poses a treat to Cameroonians and yet you are indulging in insult of Cameroon and Biya for doing what America and Trump are doing. Shame

We saw riots in France and Spain and the force the leaders deployed. Behind the scene, many are in prison and to Amba people, it is ok but in Cameroon it is seen as dictatorship and brutality.

Ambazonia does not even know what freedom of speech is nor what is democracy.

In my opinion Trump is simple telling Ambazonia that there is nothing as Freedom. That is the freedom you are using his name to fight for your madness is an illusion.
He is telling you that it is Biya’s duty to protect Cameroon and any Cameroonian who betrays Cameroon deserves no mercy.

Every body is pointing fingers at Biya, of course he is the leader and that is rational but I will be very honest with all of you, most of you are worse than Biya and you are using the name to hide your own evil. The blame in Biya is rooted in the secret world of the west and since the west are masters of the black people, we just conform.

When Nazi Germany collapsed, Hitler disappeared but nobody was spared despite the absence of the leader. Nazi sympathisers are still being huntered today. In Italy, Spain, Bosnia, Irag, Argentina, Rwanda, Uganda and all over the world we see the same phenomenon. What happened if Hitler had won the war, who will be huntered to death?

Why are you Ambazonia only pointing fingers at Biya and hiding yourselves behind his name? Hon Wirba is part of the system yet a Hero because he support you. Must Bush fallers are teachers at home but living abroad and on their salaries. They are preaching Ambazonia but are the very bad people within the system.


The very people who are preaching Amba are as dangerous as the ideology itself.
Take my words.

Pas Claudius

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