The 2018 New Year Message To Cameroonian.

Fellow Cameroonians, my commanders, my patriot(s) I salute you all. 2018 has been a year to remember with so many innocent Cameroon sacrificed in the name of segregation. On the behalf of all patriots, our sincere condolence to all affected. It is really painful seeing innocent children being used as weapons of war. Our Parents being used as bates. Innocent children being radicalized to pickup arms and killed their own brothers and sisters without acknowledging the impact on our future generations. We can fight back and we can win but only if you want to be realistic. Ambazonia is posing a challenge but the reality must be spoken. Ambazonia is a far bigger problem today, tomorrow and the future. See with your own eyes and use the web like intellectuals. Come out of the world of Ambazonia and walk in the world of reality.

I wish to emphasize the fact that Cameroon just like any other country in the world is not immune from internal problems but I have this information for you. violence in pursue of justice is not a virtue. Our biggest problem is us and our biggest challenge is educating us of our identity. It is the single destructive colonial mythology not killing only Cameroonians but a greater part of Africa. Once we can clearly define our identity, our children will have lasting peace, cherish their cultural norms and coexist as Cameroonians in Africa. The root course of this violence is embedded in that identity crisis: francophones/anglophones. We are none but Cameroonians.

We can never destroy stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination but we can learned to understand it impact on us and ways to address it in a civil society.

Except you visit a family that is affected by these elements we have created, you won’t understand the impact of this crisis on us.

Except you travel to the NW and SW parts of Cameroon, you will not understand the problems and insecurity we have inflicted on our brothers and sisters.

Except you travel to Yaounde and Douala and visit any education center, you wont understand the problems we have created on our children and parents in the 21st century with all these educational tools at our disposal.

Except you travel across Cameroon, you won’t understand that the problems facing us are not only limited to the English-speaking zone. Hence, it baffles me when educated people can claim to be bureaucrats but lack diplomatic tools, lack anger management skills, lack the basic knowledge to enhance ideas.

I will be very honest with all of you, especially those affected by the crisis that except you reason with us and joins us fight those influencing, sponsoring, those picking up arms and terrorizing us, we are a long way from attending peace and normality for you to return home.

Peace can not be bought in the market but we can make it out of our moral conscious.

Your pain is my pain hence I am addressing you with my sincere heart. May I used this opportunity on the behalf of all patriots to say a special thank you to our French-speaking brothers and sisters for their good Samaritan work.

The crisis is bad but there is a goood side of it. Tomorrow’s Cameroon will be for Cameroonians not francophones or anglophones. To that I tell you this,

It is high time we support our army to achieve this task, but we should be realistic, honest and pragmatic. If,there is a problem we should voice it out. If the army is failing on its duty, we should point it out. If the government is failing us, we should point it out. To that we want the government to acknowledge that we are the real government not those who have power. You are the leaders but without us, you have nobody to lead. Tonight, The President of the nation Mr Biya will spell out what is expected of us and I believe that is his duty and will should do our own duty. Together, we will make this country work.

We support and cherish the disarmament project but I want to remind each and every Cameroonian that those responsible for this chaos have nothing to offer nor have anything to lose. They are hiding abroad or in safe parts of the world along with their families. They are not feeling your pain nor do they have any sympathy of what they have inflicted on you.

At this time of need, listen to the government that you can hold to account, not those who are hiding behind the keyboard and inflicting misery on you.

Just one sentence, what you see is real, what you hear is blurred. Join us as Cameroonians seek a way through.

May God Blessed and guide us through. I wish you a happy better new year

you Long Live Cameroonimg_3120-4
Pas Claudius

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