The historical facts Ambazonia is trying to destroy. They are like thunder Against Ambazonia

What ever direction you look and think, NW and SW are Kamerun and Cameroon.

Firstly, the land you are claiming to be ambazonia is part of the land name Kamerun that was given to The British to administer, not own, not colonised but look after. The Germans brought us German and the German was replaced by French and English.

The Germans left us with what they gave us. But because we are idiots those reminders are crumbling in our eyes. 7725E95A-2D49-4431-AFC3-28EAF9FDD8E6

The English were not in Cameroon but in Nigeria hence we had to go to Nigeria for higher English education. The French were in Cameroon and left us with higher education establishment. The English did not leave us with political establishments but we had the chance to experience it from Nigeria their base. On the contrary, the French left us with everything apart of their loots.

We can see remnants of German establishment in Kamerun all over especially were they were very active within their short period. We can see the French, How many of the English? Even what you called Buea your capital is a German foundation. In Bamenda Upstation, German foundation. What does that tells you?

In 1961-62 we had to chance to join the English establishment in Nigeria or change again to a French establishment just as we did in the 1918s. The northern zone decided to continue with the English establishment of Nigeria and we refused.

Federation or what so ever had no bearing on such decision. It was just a system of governance deem suitable at the time.

There was nothing as independence because we were part of Kamerun before they became our watchnight.

What is your problem today? The problem of language or the problem of identity?

A bi na English speaker proud to learn French as a language but guess what, I am Bali, nationality, Cameroon.

Remember there was a vote for independence pathways that so no merit for it was against the trusteeship.6C4B1A88-3814-4FEE-801F-95C5B76FDF2E

Fight for the truth, speak the truth.

Legally, politically, constitutionally, morally etc Ambazonia is a nuisance.

English and French are foreign dialects you want to impose on me as an identity! Where is my own dialect?

Impose it on me.

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2 thoughts on “The historical facts Ambazonia is trying to destroy. They are like thunder Against Ambazonia

  1. Why argue with people who claimed to be well educated but lack knowledge.
    Where there are discrepancies in history, archeology is the answer
    Where there are discrepancies in legality, civil law is the answer.

    Boundaries are dynamic and you are trying to do it but the current status are clear.

    First, Wirba has been in side the temple to try and fish out the golden spoon to proof the statement above wrong but only to come out empty

    Your bush fallers and SCNC have been to the UN only to be dazzle

    You have been to the UK court only to come out with a wooden spoon.

    That article is shredded in evidence all around you.
    Anglophones have been writing their own text book in their perception just like Tapang and Wirba are doing today. They claimed war was declared on us but the truth is simply you declared war on yourselves.
    Any body reading those text books tomorrow will believe it until they are presented with Biya’s speech.

    That is the archeological backing. The UK court is the legal backing.

    If you want to really argue, stop being blind

    Put forward just one evidence to back yourself.
    Black man curse.


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