Education is for all, knowledge is for a few Cameroonians. Ambazonia need re-éducation

84C4B284-0CE8-4C44-8198-0503873B8A25.jpegAbove is a the map of Cameroon in 1960. We had a plebiscite and the northern part join Nigeria hence did not have independence because Nigeria had independence. The southern part join Cameroon and did not have independence because Cameroon had independence.

This plebiscite was none binding but prior to it, who were we? Cameroonians. The League of Nations did not formally divide Cameroon.

Comparing Cameroon to Germany: east and west and the fall of the Berlin Wall. The difference being Germans had a universal dialect hence English and Russian failed to gain momentum. Similar to Hongkong.

Education is not synonymous to knowledge and my advice to ambazonia is to use their degree for work and not to address political undertakings embedded in history.

If you think school drop outs are illiterate and dump, what of bill gate. You can use education as a gate way to elaborate your knowledge but if you don’t have the knowledge, no formal education will grant it.

You are condemning Biya, forgetting he is well educated. Proof to yourselves you have knowledge more than Biya! Keep dwelling on your education and preaching nonsense. I am Dr this and that, I am barista this and that, i have a degree in this and that, I am in the USA, I am Lawyer this and that rubbish. If you have the knowledge put it on the table! Who are you feeding with your degree? Whose problem is your degree addressing and how?

Turn your status to heaven so that we can test fitness to enter heaven!

There are two types of historical records, one given to educate you to serve an agenda and the other given for the sake of rational knowledge.

Ambazonia records hold that Biya Declared war on us. That is the education ambazonia want you to have. Aimed at serving their agenda.

However, when presented with Biya’s video, you will learn Ambazonia declared war on themselves. That is the knowledge that archeology will used tomorrow against you. Aimed at giving you rational knowledge.

If Something that happened yesterday has already been twisted to serve ambazonia propaganda, then explain how you will acknowledge what happened 5 to 10 decades ago?

Knowledge that is not demonstrated is knowledge that is not there. Everyone can have a degree but only a few have knowledge. Some were born doctors some were educated to be doctors.

I tell you the truth, Ambazonia you lack knowledge. To authenticate what is written on ancient Égyptien tablets, archeology uses the bible or see their monuments. To testify the history for or against Egypt, archeology visit the other side of the coin to gain an insight into their own perception of events.

Where there are discrepancies in history, archeology is used. Where there are discrepancies in legality, civil law is enforced.

You were told Hitler was the worse person in history, but archeological records will proof you wrong. Stalin and even the English people you are glorifying are as bad as Hitler. The slave trade, colonial era etc give us a detail account of their bad deed.

Ambazonia grow up and stop being whimps.

Below, is the authentic journey of English speaking Cameroonians. You are a Cameroonian.

The historical facts seen as a taboo striking Ambazonia like thunder.

I want to remind Ambazonia fanatic telling people to read their history that,

Wirba has been into the government but failed to proof me wrong. You have been to the UK and UN and failed to proof me wrong.

Do not mistaken me Pas Claudius for a French speaker. I am Bamenda.

I am happy for your intellectual to use knowledge to proof me wrong. img_2398

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