Bamenda the seat for Hypertension in Cameroon. Giant killer of her hopeless people.

This is a subjective but objective article but in our opinion, fully alive. Bamenda is a giant killer of her people in words and in actions.

Bamenda is the land of the self deceive.
All started with Enderley and Foncha. Enderley made people to believe Foncha was wrong. Foncha, believed leadership should be rotated between an anglophone to a Francophone. With Biya coming to power and being a francophone, Foncha thought doing leadership deals with Biya will mean Biya will rule for a short time then hand over power to either himself or Gen Ivo. Then Foncha, Gen Ivo and Biya collision ensured Biya secured power.

Anything that is taking place in Bamenda in the name of change has never been successful but disastrous with detrimental effects. If you want independence, expect to give independence. If you want power you must stand as a Cameroonian not an anglophone.

If you want growth, expect to be industrious and creative.

No decision is wrong in life except it is irrational and not grounded in evidence. Every decision taken has a proportional effect on the outcome

Long before SDF, there was P Tonton, the only football club in Cameroon that killed her supporters with actions.

P Tonton promised miracles even beating Canon in Yde but when it came to a return match in Abakwa, P Tonton, did the unthinkable. Spectators were killed on their doorsteps in Bamenda.

P Tonton killed many of our grand parents with action just standing by their sound boxes and listening to P going falling from grace.
They didn’t learned to expect the unexpected and to acknowledge defeat.

In the dying days of P Tonton, came SDF in the 1990s and Ni John’s slogan was Power To The Power. Power to the people conquer Yaoundé and many Bamenda and English speakers failed for it without actually questioning it. Where is P Tonton and where is the league?

SDF killed many anglophones especially in Bamenda with expectations yet Bamenda people never learned. SDF did not killed any body out of Bamenda but many died in Bamenda still they didn’t learn to expect the unexpected or learn to question. Where is SDF and where is politics?

Here comes Ambazonia and the very people falling for it without questioning. Three years on Ambazonia is another open giant killer.

Kumba is learning to avoid Bda the hard way. Dr Enderley infiltrated Foncha with wiseness over rational thinking and the reality is coming to light today. Where is Dr Enderley and were is English speaking Cameroon? What is coming out today? Who was the most honest, pragmatic and realistic? Foncha or Enderley.

The only time Bamenda was cautious was under Foncha the least educated but the must knowledgeable of all. He died lamenting to himself but acknowledge politics above all is chest games not trust above all. Without, Foncha, Ni John and SDF would have destroyed Bda in the 90s just like Ambazonia. The difference was Ni John had ears.

Foncha is seen as a traitor by those who think they are more knowledgeable than they are.

The majority of Bamenda people are just fanatical followers. They are unrealistic and are dying because of conformity tendencies not rational attitudes. This brings us back to Wirba and his Resist.
Believe me, less than 1% of the population can give an evidence base rational over their decision to resist and the expected outcome.

The reality is simple; our education has failed to equip us with the most fundamental tool of reality. Listening questioning, analysis, then drawing conclusions from an evidence base perspective.

The only Cameroonian politician who has ever given us a feel of real politics is Kamto but far limited. A true leader will be 10x Kamto. On like Ambazonia, Kamto has ears.

How many Bda people did question Kamto? How many had all hopes in him?

God Blessed Cameroon

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