The Reasons Why The Cameroon Military is a Ruthless Machine Today,

This is a subjective but objective article. Readers discretion. Shouldn’t the military exercise her duty when the integrity of the nation is threatened? If you think the contrary, explain why ambazonia plastic police are bearing weapons for?

Ambazonia has no regards on innocent life(lives), the vulnerable, the sick, the elderly etc but you are expecting the military to show sympathy for an amba? Ambazonia has been parading her ruthlessness on her capital fasebook (Facebook) and you cheered. Chopping off fingers and legs, be headings etc but little did you understand about true ruthlessness.

It must be said, the military is not against any Cameroonian nor against any civilian but after those inciting violence and picking up arms to fight against Cameroon. Having said that, it must be acknowledged that within our cultural norms it is clearly and widely acknowledged that,

( man way he house tif man na tif man)

A village that houses Ambazonia is an Ambazonia village.

Forget about your UN quotes, laws etc that ambazonia is not adhering to in practice but preaching on fasebook ( Facebook). Wirba has escaped to freedom kingdom ( UK) in the name of ideal leaders. Who is inferior in ambazonia that is preaching equality?

If ambazonia knows the rules of law, ambazonia should not be forcing people to accept her agenda and adhering to international community request to seek dialogue.

If you are against the military, then you should ask yourself key questions as an ambazonia supporter.

Does ambazonia cares about civilians? Did you not welcome ambazonia into your society?

Ambazonia Declared no school in a part of Cameroon without any consideration.

Ambazonia declared ghost town without any consideration

Ambazonia declared independence without any consideration.

Ambazonia pickup arms without any consideration.

Ambazonia burn down schools, shops, industries without consideration. Course the refugees crisis by spreading false news of an imminent military attack that never happened. Did ambazonia care about the sick, the elderly, the vulnerable, the disable etc.

When you were accepting all of these and parading on social media overwhelmingly, did you consider the effect on our society?

In the course of this, Ambazonia crush any decent against her objective, killed any body who was against her.

Were you not aware that all these culminated to declaration of war?

It was Christopher Anu who openly declared war on Cameroonian who are not of NW and SW origin and we know consequences on Muslims in the NW and their cattles. It was Tapang and the consortium who told us to arm and fight the military etc.

The military and the government handle the crisis poorly at the beginning but within 5months, the government was forced to bend down to the people to dialogue not just at home but abroad, offered peace and Atanga came with peace plants, the government examined all demands and addressed almost all.

Finally, the government offered disarmament and reintegration according to the demands of the international community.

If ambazonia did care about anglophones life(lives), Ambazonia should be calling for peace but ambazonia is calling for violence contrary to the international community demands.

Who has the upper hand in this scenario?

Should the military be sympathetic or ruthless?

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