The Reason I see no feasibility in Ambazonia. Why should I support.

What point is ambazonia making in a political world that no sane political person in the world is supporting except an amba? Is the whole world dump and only an amba is knowledgeable?

Is a shame to see people who claimed to well educated support amba simply because they are frustrated with the government. In the world of human life, rational should surpass every decision we take to ensure we can correct the mistake affecting us practically without further harm.

Anglophones have no unique problem. Apart of the misinterpretation of historical facts, what is the anglophones problem that is limited to anglophones?

Problem affecting human beings are address with knowledge not anger Ambazonia is displaying, understanding not demanding etc

For those who are new or those who did not follow the movement keenly from day one,

Ambazonia promised the best alternative to the government. The best is not a theoretical phenomena but a practical application to what the government is doing. If you think, Biya is a bad leader, demonstrate what you mean by bad leadership with good leadership examples. Demonstrate what you mean by democracy so that an ordinary man can understand the difference.

Demonstrate the alternative full stop or stop taking sane people for bigots. Our excuses are all embedded in our pigmented/fragmented imagination.

Why support trouble makers because I am fed up with the government?

Why support people simple because they are good at preaching?

Let orators implement meaning to their languishing views to convince sceptics they know what they are doing.

I am Pas Claudius the human ideology I only condemn what I can demonstrate the wrongs doing with a feasibility, rational alternative. img_3440-1

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