How to Settle the anglophones crisis.

There are Two mean approaches

Ambazonia Approach

Cameroonians Approach

1 Amba Approach;

If ambazonia believes her strategy is the way forward, then a minimum of 1 yrs ghost town should be set. Ambazonia believe they are forcing their way to independence hence the people will not complain. It is three years of weekly disruption in the name of ghost town but not even a foot of land captured. Hiding in bushes to attack the military should be seen as an act of stupidity. Come out and take on the mantle to clean the land of your presumed enemy. Only through that strategy can you see victory. You believe all anglophones are fully behind you hence the population will aid you to achieve real victory.

Until you do that, stop being nuisances.
It should be made clear that Ambazonia has failed internationally and diplomatically hence violence is the only option embraced by the leaders and supporters.

2 Cameroonians Approach;

I fully believe Mr Biya has spoken and each and every citizen is fully aware of the steps taken by the state to address this problem. I do not see the need for the head of state to speak again but use full force at these stage. Every speech made by the head of state has been grammatically translated by Ambazonia to mean the contrary. c7dcea06-6014-4285-85d8-76ca234a9c19

All Cameroonians are aware of those inciting violence within Cameroon and internationally. The powers to bring this crisis to an end are within us and we must use them appropriately.

We are housing Amba fanatics with full knowledge of their evil. Amba bush fallers using fake names abroad to preach violence but when they come home, they seek safety within D’la and Yde among us while tapping their mouth. We can bring a speedy end to this crisis by flushing them out. We should not house them in safe zone but send them straight to face their own actions in Bda.

We can be vigilantes to aid restore peace in our communities by simple flushing them out.

If an ordinary supporter goes down for 2months in prison, what should be the sentence for an amba leader like Ayuk Tambe? Death.

Without us standing up against Ambazonia, we are simply playing into their evil and aiding them destroy our communities.


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