Where and why Kamto Failed

Kamto is a typical black person who when they sense power, they forget the interest of the nation.

His failure to enter into a coalition was an act of stupidity. It is like a plague among African politicians. It happened to SDF. Every body wants to be a leader.

If Kamto was a true leader he would have accepted a coalition and face off leadership challenges by other party leaders. That is how you demonstrate a difference.

If Kamto had done that and won but lost the elections, he would have got a unilateral front against CPDM and bearing in mind other parties had MPs to side his course.

Lastly, as a genuine politician, Kamto should have realised a serious problem with his course, presidential elections without parliamentary elections. He had no opportunity to sample his course to gain the upper hand in Parliament and the people. Numbers at campaign rallies hardly translate to ballots.

Where does he stands today? Some will claim elections were rigged in my opinion failure is defined on the track and on the final result. I want each an every Cameroonian to define rigging and tell me where in this world does it not apply. Start with Trump and the Brexit vote?

I am Pas Claudius, leadership is a subtle act chose rationally not with irrational minds of anger and frustration.img_3377-4

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