Why insult Pas Claudius Ambazonia. Ambazonia is fooling around and fooling you.

Who really merit an insult? Since Tapang said

“Make the place ungovernable”

“arm yourselves and fight” and sisiku Declared independence, you have all entered tunnel vision.

Ambazonia has been the only formidable force that has no winning formula. Fighting an enemy but killing yourselves. Independence is a mental illness distorting your imagination of reality.

Tapang said No school for a year until independence a better future. Your children are 3yrs backward today whereas Tapang’s & Co are three years ahead because you are inferior. Look at your business and society, desecrated at your expense. Is Tapang & co affected? No because you are inferior idiots. img_0041

Go to Yde and D’la and see your parents sleeping on floors, crowded in a room like sardines in tins.

Since 2016, how many Ambas have stopped paying their tax to Cameroon? How many have stopped paying their Cameroon bills? How many have closed their business in the French communities? How many have not paid their car duty to the Cameroon treasures

Since you declared independence, how many of you have stopped using the cfa and Cameroonian ID?

All your excuses/success are a figmentation of your imagination

Who merits a good insult?

Noise makersimg_3440-4

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