The Cameroon Patriots Appeal Speech

My commanders and patriots we have a major problem and I am appealing on each an every one of you to stand up to the challenge and support our brand, justice why you are standing for it and why you believe in an anti violence approach.

Ambazonia, how different are you to South Sudan? He or she who stands with Ambazonia is marginalising his own community. He his marginalising anglophones and legalising hate among English speakers. We can not relax and hope God will safe us. God has provided us with the knowledge to safe ourselves and our brothers and sisters from the dermis of the devil. We have to make it our duty to honour what was written before us by our lord Jesus. No more human sacrifice.

We can change independence format and fight for it for the next century but I want to ask you, if you can change your life like independence and make it stand for a century. Life is none negotiable and we should not sacrifice a life for what ever reason. We mus stop it and I am calling on you to tell the bush fallers and who so ever who wants to sacrifice, to come and sacrifice themselves not the neighbours.

Patriotism is standing up to what is right not what we think is right but what is evidently right. Nations come and go, borders change but what is right is what we stand for.

We can’t do that in our own back yard. We cannot be confortable in educating ourselves thinking we are reaching out.

I have been to the heart land of Ambazonia, we love you Bamenda to see a handful of our brave patriots taking on the challenge in educating and serving lives but short of seeing that force of unity standing behind them to challenge ambazonia insult.

My brothers and sisters we are not fighting wars but educating wars of the need not to fight.

Come on you, come on all let us go to ambazonia heartlands and conquer stupidity with rational knowledge. Safe lives and stop the desecration of our society with our hands and without indulging in insult.

Hé who is against self determination is against Cameroon but fighting against ambazonia establishment as a nation.

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