Ambazonia the ideal nation.

Ambazonia started like a joke and will end up like a joke.
I want to ask ambazonia support base these questions;
– what is your resettlement plan?
– we can’t afford a war, but we are happy to destroy, what is the redevelopment plan?
– who is actually responsible and accountable for the destruction?

You can’t get up one morning and tell people what you think is right for them without consulting them. Simple because you are bush fallers with degrees does not make you politically sane.

How on earth could you claim to be educated and knowledgeable but declare a war on yourself without any consideration? Do you think you are more knowledgeable than the world combine?
I told anglophones in 2016 that a call for independence should not be taken likely. We don’t mess with human lives for fun. This struggle was a Cameroon struggle not an anglophone affair. Ambazonia has no mandate to represent anglophones nor has SCNC.
Today, Ambazonia is fighting a war without any formula. Neither do we have the man power nor the finance to sustain a war, but we are happy to fight.

People just nominate themselves as leaders and decide what suit them. There is no coherent pathway, no accountability or responsibility.
I told this platform in 2016, giving sex up political information to innocent jobless, ignorant citizens was a political time bomb. What is happening today?
Leaders don’t know whether to turn left or right, up or down but there is no turning back because of the misery you have inflicted on your own people.

Those in the USA think they are right and the USA democracy is what works, those in England belief in the English system, those in Germany, the German system etc. Worse of all, nobody sees it as an African problem that warrant an African solution. At the end we are more confused than when we started.
In 3yrs of fighting, what is actually true about ambazonia? We have killed more than 500 of our own brothers and sisters spending 150 million cfa that could be used to create jobs opportunities or cheap affordable education. The damage we have done to our society is in billions. Who,will rebuild these societal damages.
Do you think a group of people can pickup arms and fight themselves to victory?
You are deluded for segregation is not against the military, the government but against Cameroon herself and you must fight Cameroon and win.

Without any many or consultation from within the whole English-speaking community, you will spend the next 50yrs fighting yourselves.

Look at the confusion even at the international stage.

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