What should be sisiku’s sentence for declaring war on anglophones and Cameroon?

When you seek sympathy for sisiku and fighting for independence, I am baffled if you were born insane or insane by nature. This is the reason we are treated like monkeys. Hiring cars and bouncers to meet ordinary white people.
Then using the propaganda pictures to declare war on ordinary ignorant citizens. I am not bias but that should not be happening in the 21st century. Look at the consequences of his actions today! Sisiku & co had the opportunity to evert this misery and agony but opted for what is happening today. Worse of all, seeing people talking of Biya Declared war on us!

It is like a Biafra man coming to Cameroon and speaking to Wirba’s secretary but telling Biafrans he is in talks with the Cameroon Parliament.

Sisiku did this not ones but on numerous occasions hence it was a deliberate act to fool the people into early graves. I will be shocked if he is not charged with the man slaughter of thousands of Cameroonians.

Worse of all, for people to stand up and called others fools is a total mockery of the whole struggle and the ambazonia adventure.

In educational, political, legal standards, we are mad people not fit to interact with political elites around the world.

This disgrace does not end there, look at the White House entertainment in the name of protest! After declaring war and opting for force, you are seen carrying blackboards crying genocide and begging for help. It is like a man who decided to gang himself, after jumping off the cliff, he starts crying for help without any recourse.

Worse of all, seeing educated bush fallers in a UK court seeking their true identity in the 21st century. It is a shame, disgrace and shamble.

The biggest legal and political question is straight forward, when did the NW and SW people go to the poll to vote for any body to represent them in that capacity?

I want to ask innocent people home if ambazonia is a bush faller affair or how are they included in this confusion. Can’t you see an inferiority superiority complex problem building up? 2DB1C253-41F3-4C06-B28B-16CE7F2FCDFA.jpeg

The biggest joke of all times. I am glad the element of using white people to play political gain over ignorant citizens home is slowly being eradicated. Today, you can see the platform of Cameroon bush fallers enjoying themselves in the name of fighting for independence.

As the wording go, you are taking matters into your own hands paving the way for all of us to take matters into our own hands.

Why are you beheading people, chopping off their hands for taking matters into their own hands?

That document is the proof that no Amba fanatic would like to see. Sisiku’s declaration of war on Cameroon.



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