English speaking Cameroon, peace and reconciliation appeal.

My brothers and sisters I am speaking as you brother, as a person born in Bamenda. I am speaking as a person who understands your grievances. I am not speaking like a leader in any capacity. Leadership, is a legal binding mandate made by the people overwhelmingly through the ballot box

I tell all of you today, these grievances are real. I acknowledge and recognised the need for change and as a commoner I stand against all the suffrage of mankind. Our grievances are not unique but they are universal.

I believe, no matter how far we have travel, no matter our sacrifice, we can not rewind the clock nor can we change what we did to do it differently. What we can do is acknowledge and seek a better pathway without arms and blood and without creating bigger problems for ourselves.

I acknowledge you are fighting for a solution but solutions should be solutions that address the problem not solutions that create problems.
I can testify to all that what we are doing is creating problems far bigger and complex than our real grievances.

For 3yrs I have walk with humanity not francophones or anglophones. I have move from left to right but today, I can stand up an acknowledge that I am not perfect but I am honestly trying to safeguard the interest of humanity. I am not ashamed to say sorry to all my brothers and sisters who may think I am against them or their ambitions.

It is a core principle I fully believe we should embrace.

Humanity is any body standing in front of you with mouths close but eyes stearing at you. Humanity those not exclude those lying in front of you with closed eyes. We should respect both.

When there are problems we access the roots, nature and the degree to adequately draw a cohesive problem solving approach. Our problem, Cameroon problem are multidimensional but rooted in our history.
This is the time to address that history not distort it. This is the time we acknowledge that history and seek a better country for humanity.

As I appeal to all, I am speaking to human beings not people who speak English or French. Of course, we already speak different dialects, and we must acknowledge that those differences are what makes us unique.
We are not the language we speak, we are not Bamenda, kumba, Yaoundé, Douala etc but human being who be nature where born in those parts of the world bearing those names. Behind those names we are simple human beings.
It does not matter who leads us, what matters is how that person units us toward achieving our needs effectively.
The quest for a better future has brought us to the most barbaric act a human can do to another human. We should be ashamed of ourselves and seek peace and reconciliation.

We must acknowledge we need a change and that is paramount and I stand with you to seek that change amicably. To seek that change without killing and destroying ourselves. To seek that change by acknowledging that change is the core psychological blockade to any societal progress.

Where we stand today, I call on each an every one of us to reconcile with our past, acknowledge our past and be ready to break the psychological resistance to change and embrace a better future, politically, economically and morally.

I do not support the death of any human. Life is precious. I kindly ask all of you, to examine the nature of our problems and the degree and decide if justice an impunity is the way forward or a reconciliation approach that acknowledge our guilt but free all of us from the stigma that has brought us here?

Finally, I want all of us today, to kindly take that one step out of violence today and henceforth but remain committed to the change that was the blueprint of this movement.
Join me on a Peace and reconciliation movement.

My God bless us and guide us through this colonial gate effectively.img_0350

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