The Biafra war lesson is currently being drilled in Amba brains. HELP!

I was against the politicising of the struggle but today I am happpy it happened. I happy it started with dialogue then violence then further confusion.

All the achievements of this struggle were made in the days of dialogue. Since we opted for arms violence, we have achieved nothing. The dialogue was achieved by Cameroonians from the English-speaking zone not ambazonia. All in all, that demonstrate the power of the pen

Since ambazonia embarked on a political pathway, we lost more than we Achieved before. Violence has just made us look more stupid than before.

That explained why Biafrans and Bamilikes were the first seek safety on the eve of violence for they have seen it, they have experienced, and they knew the consequences.

Anglophones are just learning the hard way in the 21st century with all the technology and availability of information.

I am disappointed with the struggle because it was narrow-minded lead by power mongers whose only ambition was power not real change to benefit the common man. The struggle so far has been about bush fallers and their wants not the needs of the people as it was with the original struggle.

Politically, ambazonia is an ambiguous entity fighting an ambiguous case that has nothing to do with jobs and nation building.

Hence, the struggle is a total failure. We could have achieved more if we were honest about what it takes to bring real economic changes in a society. We can have an anglophone President but it will take dictatorship to change your cultural norms which are the seeds killing us.

We can change Biya to another leader, that will not change norms and Zimbabwe is a good example.
The original struggle was an element of societal change. Lazy people showing their frustration in a frustrated society. You should learned to create jobs and build your own society. That is the meaning of independence

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