Ambazonia Times: Is there any hatred by francophone against anglophones in Cameroon?

Ambazonia Times
Are we fighting for the truth? Then ambazonia should acknowledge the general truth not an Amba version of the truth.

It is believed Ni John an anglophone won the 92 election meaning francophones overwhelmingly voted an anglophone. It widely claimed Ni John won even in Yaoundé the Home of the President Biya

2018 was Kamto. Kamto is a francophone. Meaning anglophones did not vote an anglophone SDF or Muna but a francophone. Bamilikes are more associated to anglophones communities than people of the central province. Kamto presidency would have been regarded as an anglophone leadership.

This raises a good focus for Amba debate because this are genuine statistics. Who is the francophone that is against anglophones and who is the anglophone that is against francophones?

Did Ni John Win the 1992 elections with an anglophone population of 2:8 of francophones?

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