Violence and Burning of Property in Southern Cameroon

I want to ask those Amba fanatics going around showing pictures of burnt out houses and seeking sympathy one rational question.

Why only selected houses not all? Before

Why are you housing thieves and trying to condemn the fire brigade trying to get ride of them to the extend of destroying their hideouts?

I do not condone any form of violence and burning of property is part of violence.

Interpret this document and tell the world what Amba is instructing us to do?42012C76-E828-479E-BD8C-D56CBB9FC03A

The military has travel passed villages without offending any body and nobody complaining of their presence. Ask yourselves why just your village?

Address the internal problem attracting the military.img_2125

Who is the architect of violence in Cameroon? Who is responsible for the violence? It was Tapang Ivo who said Anglophones should make the place ungovernable. It was sisiku who declared war, it was Tapang Ivo who condone the burning of property

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