Thé Reason Mr Biya is still President Explained to the Young Generations and the frustrated Brainwashed anglophone (Amba)

My Biya is the Fon of all Fons in Cameroon, chief of all chiefs anointed by anglophones overwhelmingly against the will of his own people. More to that, we anglophones made Mr Biya President.

Why don’t you go about preaching your own deeds today? On what conditions were you anointing him chief of all chiefs?

You made him THE FIRST KING of Cameroon and in return, he gave us a laissez faire system of government, but we ran the country down.

What is MR BIYA’ s wrong doing?

Ambazonia and co bush fallers are acting against their own intellect. I am an anglophone and Mr Biya is Mr President.

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