The mystery of the lost political message explained to anglophones.

Leaders come and go, why fight to decode leadership mysteries you might never understand except you are inside? Citizens come and come, why kill citizens in the name of decoding a leadership mystery you might never understand. Names are dynamic with time, why kill yourselves just to change a name that is dynamic?

Go to Egypt, she has change hands numerous times and without their monuments you won’t even know who was first or who came last. Go to China you will see Ancient Roman monument as a testament of their presence. Go to England and as far as Morocco and you will see the Romans.

People come and go, Nations change but the land never changes. Why are you fighting over vanity.

You called yourself anglophones and fighting to preserve English culture. Look around you today, what English monument is there as a testament of their presence? None. Look around you, you will find German monument as a testament of their presence in your world.

You are not fighting to preserve what is visible and marked the presence of people in your world but fighting to preserve what is not there?

Go to Nigeria, you will see English monuments as a testament of their presence in Nigeria.

We can all study the English culture and language and pretend to be part of it but it will never be part of you. Europeans came and left without being us and we will never be them.

Knowledgeable people do not fight but make their presence known to the future.

Now I ask my brothers who are eager to fight, what monument have you to make your existence known for future generations? You are not protecting visible moment given to you not building monument for the testament of your existence but fighting to change a name that will change with time?

PWD stadium is more than you to make your mark on, Bamenda university is more than you. CDC and all the other plantations are more than you but we are happy to tell the world how knowledgeable we are?

Go to the land of the Bamilikes and see their monuments to proof their power, wealth etc. What resources are they counting on?

When the presence is a problem, learn from it and amend the future. Fighting to change what will change by nature is the ancient barbarians way of addressing little problems in the 21s century.

We are modern human not fighting to capture land nor enslave people to work for us as slaves.

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