The Reason Ambazonia bush fallers & Diaspora deserve beatings

Many will disagree to agree but this crisis is exposing what has been failing many Cameroonian societies.

If you belief in political purity and forgetting to harness your own potential and make it work for you, then South Africa is your study guide. For decades marginalised South African failed themselves into believing that by rehabilitation their needs and wants will be addressed. 3 decades after Mandela’s triumphant entry in Johannesburg, how many lazy people have become successful? Blame culture.

When we look across the globe, we will understand the impact migration has had on the development of other nations. Even Toyota travel to the USA to learn what we see today as Toyota cars. Italiens travelled to the USA to bring their fashion to light. Nigerians are bringing IT. What are you anglophones bringing back that you are complaining? Nothing. How many anglophones are employers able to employ 200 anglophones and pay a decent wage? None
That is the measure of a successful hard working community I base my judgment on.

Look at all fast developing African countries, you will see the influence of bush fallers bringing talent, trade, business etc to aide the development of their communities and or nation’s and create employment. Nigeria to Ghana to Rwanda to even The Bamilikes community in Cameroon, you will notice this footprint.

Amba bush fallers are bringing back politics. How many jobs has politics ever created in the world apart from desecration? Politics is about the distribution of resources, peace and control. You claim to be English people then spell the difference between the Labour Party and the conservative?

All your excuses are Biya and francophones, taxation this is and that. Are Nigerians in Cameroon paying the same taxes? Are ordinary Bamilikes paying the same taxes. Is Mugabe still in power? Is Zuma still in power? What has change?

We want industries but farming is an industry employing millions in the USA, the U.K. and all developed countries.

For more than 3 decades since anglophones started travelling, what influence have they made on our farming ability and communities? Nothing. What trade have they brought back? Nothing.

I do not need to say much but a word to the wise is enough. We are a lazy community because we have never experienced hardship. Ambazonia has been shielded by anglophones and through ambazonia all of you will cry for mercy.

I am Bamenda and Bamenda need more than beating. The diaspora should be dissolved, they have no use in aiding the development of Cameroonian society2DB872E0-9B5D-4683-BF2A-875B80232618

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