Thé Sunday sermon on Ambazonia sympathisers & the quest for disarmament & peace

Fear fear itself, judge none but yourself above all.
My people, fear not those who bear arms but those who sympathise them. Without the sympathisers, those who bear arms have no support base or the protection they need to create havoc to you the sympathisers. God protects the truly innocent who speak or think no evil or those who do not dine with the evil doers by night and claim innocent by day. Hate no human but abstain from their evil act whether it is in your favour or not

In the name of our father almighty, those who dine with the devil in denial or by night will be the fight to be sacrifice by the devil. I tell you the truth.

Your communities are suffering because the devil does not recognise his own father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter or even his friend when he/she is at the altar of sacrifice.

I remind all of you, change does not come from your neighbours but from your own heart. Change not your neighbour but yourself and open the gateway for your neighbour to see your good deeds and embrace it.

I will remind all of you, I am the great Pas Claudius, positive change in a society will never come by a change of names but by the change of heart. Love does not come by changing your face but by changing your minds and hearts.

None of us will change A on this land for our saviour Jesus Chris did not fight the almighty Romans but showed the weak how to survive with the strong in peace. We met the land Cameroon, and we will leave the land. Why fight to inherit what we can’t inherit? Why fight to destroy what God has created? God made us all different for a reason, and we will be for ever be different unless we change our hearts.

God Blessed you all.
Happy Sundayimg_1399-1

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