Supporting Ambazonia after 3yrs as a university graduate is feeble-mindedness

Pure Knowledge is what you should be able demonstrate by reaching form 5 not to talk of picking up a PhD degree. The knowledge enable you to analyse any information, synthesis it and demonstrate your rational opinion why or not you support it.

Above knowledge is common sense that you either have it or not. When you have it in any area of academic work, you can pickup the knowledge and make informed rational, logical, moral and political decisions within minutes. For advance thinkers, they can use the information to predict algorithms of the future.

Anyone could have supported any pathway in 2016 but in 2019, it is the time we start questioning people about their education, qualifications and knowledge capacity.

Supporting ambazonia at this stage is disgraceful & humiliating for any degree holder.

Ambazonia started as a protest movement against but above all, the economy and jobs availability especially for the very university graduates. It is widely agreed that the government is bad hence any movement is or will be judged against the bad government.

SCNC quickly capitalise on the opportunity promising a better alternative; Pure democracy, better economy, better infrastructure, plenty of jobs and wages, a society of no crime, no embezzlement and financial mismanagement, corrupt free society etc. The motto and the flagship word was marginalisation against anglophones.

Between 2016 and 2019 ambazonia has had more than 20 conferences, more than 200 speeches and more than 500 publications.

Firstly, how can a whole university graduate identifies him/herself as English because he/she speaks English? Then 50% of Africa will identify as English and anglophones. That means, if you speak Spanish you identify as Spanish or if you were colonised by the Chinese and you speak Chinese as a second language, you will identify as Chinese.

Secondly, marginalisation was the key word that made this movement possible. Can any Amba supporter provide just one article by Amba leaders from any of the hundreds of conferences addressing marginalisation or how they will address marginalisation within anglophones?

Thirdly, the background to this movement was jobs and the economy. What is Amba proposing with regard to the HOW they are going to provide the better alternative? What laws are Amba planning to implement and how are they going to provide the miracle they have promised?

Also, we don’t need to ask questions about the pure democracy Amba promised for their practical applications demonstrate a dictatorship instead.

We can look at everything Amba said and standing as the better alternative, what can any of you supporter present to the mass three years on to proof that you know what you are embarking on?

People can protest against Mr Biya longevity in power but how can people like Pa Mulah the Amba chief architect stand up to talk against Biya when he is of the same age band?

To support Ambazonia, you should be demonstrating not preaching the alternative. Coming up with laws, policies and procedures and preaching to the people THE how you will use this tools to provide the BETTER ALTERNATIVE. Demonstrating how you will invest in massive public rebranding, creating jobs and a sustainable economy. Demonstrating how you will rebrand the Parliament to represent the people who voted the MPs and not just their party leaders. Preaching on how you will address embezzlement, corruption and bribery. How you will revolutionise the education system to be a creative to a consumer system.

Until you can do that, I do not think you are anything but gimmicks.

When you question, some graduate supporters, the contrary argument is, when we arrive Buea. That means, when you send your child to school you expect them to learn to spell their names after graduation hence supporting ambazonia at this stage proves to be the lack of knowledge that you are supposed to be demonstrating.

Pas Claudius

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