Proposed Solution to the Anglophone Crisis In Cameroon ( The Cameroon Crisis)

I am From Bamenda, part of the affected area. I will not support what I thing is totally wrong except it is actually right. I am not an anglophone but a Cameroonian from the English speaking zone.
I truly believe, it is not a change of leadership that will address these problems, nor a change of the system. It won’t be a person in coat and tie or someone in a public office or a professor or someone from Europe or diaspora or someone with a degree, but we need a citizen’s centred approach whereby randomly selected people from all over the various villages/ tribes of Cameroon can come together and discuss their experiences and their needs, then the needs of Cameroon to inform the government of what direction to take.

I will start by acknowledging that there are problems, and we need solution but to say there is an anglophone is a limited version of reality. I will acknowledge that there is marginalisation in Cameroon but to say anglophones (colonial outdated terminology) are marginalised is a bias representation of reality.

There are problems rooted in the history of Cameroon and in the education system of Cameroon. There are problems with the fabric of Cameroon . To say there is a French or English person in Cameroon is a result of shallow education and a lack of understanding into the meaning of terminology. Speaking English or French does not make anybody out of England and France French or English except a person from such heritage. Cameroonians abroad are using different options and sacrificing others just in an attempt to address their personal grievances; either against 37yrs rule of the head of state or the state of the economy.

We have nothing to do with Anglo-Saxon culture nor is the common law the best tool to address the judicial system in the 21st century that depends solely on evidence and science is shaping it daily.

People have used such problems to fuel an independent agenda. People are allowed the choice to free determination and this choice is respected and should be respected at all cost but I want to ask the people seeking independence the HOW they are seeking this self-determination to independence and on whose behalf? I am from Bda and like many sane democratic people, have never cast a vote nor given any person or body the powers to represent my views in such capacity nor have we ever had any in-depth discussion on such matters.

Post English and French administration so Cameroon losing territory to Nigeria through a non binding plebiscite. The legal binding length of time is irrelevant to this discussion, but we had a two state federal system that failed to centralisation. Cameroon was one and I truly believed two state federalism was unjust. Cameroon was not divided to a two state but one Cameroon under two different administration. Today, I truly believe the world has moved on and Cameroon should be seeking what is relevant to the world of today from the two administrations and embedding it into her tribal set up not fostering divisions along those lines. Tribal setup mimic a federal system of governance that I cherish and would like to see happening in Cameroon soon.

Today, there are major problems affecting the NW & SW region and for the attention of the international community and for the sake of bias representation of reality. I will call on the international community not to treat those crying genocide as victims but perpetrators of the crimes. They are the very people responsible for the crimes and inciting the violence.
If I am wrong, why are people who are claiming to be innocent, crying genocide against them and begging for external support not preaching restraint from violence and peace but arming innocent citizens in the name of self-defence? Defending from what and against whom? That should be seen as a crime punishable by law.

On the other hand, the government under estimated the impact of this violence from the onset but one must agree, that the government did opt for dialogue but it was made with irrational demands by the very people seeking independence and inciting violence. The government offered disarmament and reintegration and again it was insulted. The government opted for peace and again it was insulted. The very people shouting genocide have marginalised innocent children out of their education for 3yrs today. Is this not the worst crime against humanity. This in my opinion is a slow painful psychological death of millions of youths compared to the thousand killed instantly by the billets. This alone is the birth of a psychological brain drained generation that will know nothing else but violence and painful death in the hands of the very people crying genocide today. The birth of an inferiority complex generation against a minority superiority group of people based abroad with the families and sponsoring the crimes.

If people are seeking independence and want the international community to aid their bid, they should not define their own terminology and want the international community to recognise it but allow the international community to make their own unbiased analysis to inform the situation.
We had reunification not unification, and we had a plebiscite to inform the reunification. Above all, was the set land recognised as part of Cameroon during the trusteeship?

It is not right, for people to get up chose their own dates and terminology and pickup weapons to force people to acknowledge it as authentic. Before, 1961 there was one Cameroon under French and English administration. Before the two administration, the land was known as Kamerun and this land was part of it. Before then, we had a tribal community under different kingdoms. Are you trying to create something knew or something that existed with define boundaries, culture, national heritage and history or what? Define what you are trying to create legally to the understanding of all.

The answer is yes hence the land was and is still Cameroon. Since the birth of Cameroon, that land has beenwell-knownn and recognised as part of Cameroon.

In my rational judgment, there is nothing as restoration of independence for Southern Cameroon was not a nation but part of Cameroon under British Administration. If people want the international community to address their concerns, let them allow the international community to address the terminology to ascertain facts.

There is marginalisation between Cameroonians just like any other country in the world. Within the English-speaking zone, there is marginalisation between villages, in schools, within families etc. I am an English speaker from Bamenda being marginalised by others who claim to be Ambazonia.
I am not supporting the government nor against ambazonia but putting my impartial views to the less informed.
I am a Cameroonian, and I am not advocating for any foreign intervention but if the international community wants to intervene and mitigate in this situation, I want them to first and famous recognised that those inviting them are the very people inciting the problems. Secondly, inciting the problem is in a hope it will open a corridor to attend their pre-set goals. Thirdly, the international community should be holding even those in the diaspora responsible for human right violations. Hold anybody home and abroad who is inciting violence and who has committed crimes against humanity to the books. Extradition should be core in addressing this problem. If possible mitigate in freedom from impunity and a reconciliation pathway for all.

Finally, the international community can assist in the citizens centre approach. If the international community can’t put these forward, there is no point mitigating. The people calling themselves anglophones have problems just like any other Cameroonian.

'There's really no need for confusion. Part 95 of section 33 of Article L in the contract clearly states ...'
‘There’s really no need for confusion. Part 95 of section 33 of Article L in the contract clearly states …’

Pas Claudius

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