Cameroon Peace and Reconciliation Strategy.

I have no affiliation to the government, I am a commoner. Cameroonian are seeking justice but I want to called to the attention of all Cameroonians.

For the sake of humanity, peace, reconciliation, reintegration, freedom from impunity for all and the release of all political prisoners as a way forward. The law is one but crimes are at various levels but judge under one law.

We must set a new pathway for Cameroon that is inclusive for all. Come together to adopt a common strategy to attend the return of all our wealth expatriated through illegal means and sake a binding order against all those who do not corporate under the common umbrella of peace, reintegration and freedom of impunity for all.

At the end we are all imperfect beings. If we want to go down the route of impunity, look at yourself and determine in legality who will not face a jail sentence?

I truly believe 99.9% of Cameroonians in any position of power no matter the level will face a jail sentence. Do not look at just ministers but the ordinary head master. All of you have abused your positions and it is against the law. The law is the law and those in bigger position have bigger access and bigger crimes to those at lower positions but the law is one. The ordinary police man is a criminal just as the minister. The ordinary journalist is a criminal just like an ordinary shop keeper.

It is time to acknowledge and address the core issues affecting Cameroon.

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